Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Roadkill, Who is the Psycho

Ah...Caitlin Carmichael.  Who is she?  My question exactly...then I saw this film.  Her midriff carries this horror/slasher film.  Thank you so much Ms. Carmichael for not getting a bellybutton ring or tattoos, as your midriff is quite admirable. So sweet.  She'll be in great peril ion our film today, 2024's "Roadkill," directed by Warren Fast.  Wait...the lovely midriff...I mean Ms. Carmichael...will she be in peril, or...well, you'll see.

Hitchhiker (Ryan Knudson) is hitchhiking. He looks like a serial killer.  We get his horrific backstory, and imagine that story made him into a serial killer.  Then midriff, I mean driver picks him up in a souped up red Chevy Nova.  She has a great midriff, short shorts (tight), and a tight shirt. The nubile lass should know better...unless...well, you'll see.  The two stop at a gas station for gas and murder.  Wait!  Who murders who?  Great question.  Whoever did the murder, and we assume it is either midriff or hitchhiker, the other one did not see the bloody act.  They continue on their drive.  Now the sheriff (Fast) and his deputy (Trenton Hudson) are on the case.  They solved the highway hunter serial killing case four years ago.  Did they, though?  Could the killer be back?

The duo stop at a diner and guess who the waitress is.  Danielle Harris!  Oh please, don't let her get murdered.  There will be a murder and once again, the question of who did it is a bit ambiguous. Now we the viewer begin to suspect midriff...then a few minutes later, we think its hitchhiker.  This will go back and forth.  A family will be murdered.  Okay, we begin to get a clear understanding of who the murderer is.  Whichever one it is we also begin to suspect the murders were justified revenge.  Now the duo can't help but kill...but will all the murders be justified?  Will they turn on one another?

Twists and turns galore.  Midriff and hitchhiker both becoming quite menacing.  We pull for midriff because she is such a doll.  Then we pull for hitchhiker because midriff is also evil.  Both are evil.  Still, indications suggest they aren't as evil as their victims, or the victims of whichever one is the killer.  Wait!  Is there another killer?  A lot of fun, this one is, and if Danielle Harris survives this one, we will give it ten out of 10 spoilers here.  Did I mention Ms. Carmichael's midriff?  Impressive.  See "Roadkill," and see if you can figure out who the killer is before the end credits.

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