Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Unhealer, Eating Garbage and Murdering Classmates

You eat garbage!  What happens?  You murder your classmates.  Never fear, they all had it coming.  Still, one must concentrate on their diets and avid fried foods, sugar, Styrofoam, jockstraps, and dirty laundry. Apparently these diets aren't too uncommon.  Throw in Lance Henriksen and Natasha Henstridge and we have a nice and quirky horror film.  Today we look at 2020's "The Unhealer," directed by Martin Guigui.

Pflueger (Henriksen) arrives in town.  He is a faith healer/con man.  Unlike most faith healer/con men, he actually cures people.  Uh oh...his healing powers aren't from The Lord.  Bernice (Henstridge) is worried about her son Kelly and pays Pflueger her life savings to cure him.  His problem?  He doesn't eat regular food.  He eats garbage.  Yep.  He doesn't eat Raman noodles...he eats the Styrofoam cup they come in.  Years of doing this leads to malnutrition and now Kelly is very sick.  Pflueger cures him, but dies in the process...now Pflueger's magical healing powers are transferred to Kelly.  Uh oh, again...now we find out the downside of this healing thing.

Kelly (Elijah Nelson), a diminutive figure is bullied often.  He finds out that anytime someone hurts him, he is no longer harmed.  The offender is.  For example, if a brute punches him in the nose, Kelly will be fine but the brute will have a broken nose. Now Kelly has a plan for revenge...get bullied and beat up.  As a result the kids bullying him get maimed or murdered.  It gets bloody and Ms. Henstridge meets a horrible fate.  With his mom murdered, Kelly loses it and arranges a massacre.  Oh yes, his high school classmate, Dominique (Kayla Carlson) falls in love with him and the bullies aren't happy about that.  Now the Navajo medicine man, Red Elk (Branscombe Richmond) figures he needs to reclaim the healing power from Kelly before too much carnage occurs.  Yep, this is a wild one.

Will Dominique uncover more of this gift's powers in her future intimacies with Kelly?  Will an anti-bullying campaign begin at Kelly's high school or will the school run out of bullies?  Will there be a prequel that contains a torrid love affair with Lance Henriksen and Natasha Henstridge?  This one gets very gory and ambitious.  For a far reaching horror film that will give you quite a ride, see "The Unhealer."   

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