Sunday, March 27, 2022

Shockwave, Killer Robots

Today we look at a film that includes "Baywatch" actress Alexandra Paul. Unfortunately, like so many of the big name stars in here, she'll die horribly very early and won't be relevant to the plot. Remember George Takei from "Star Trek"? He'll suffer the same fate. Hey, it's a Syfy Channel film directed by Jim Wynorski, and worry not, there is enough cheesecake and beefcake in our B team of stars to give us a fine film. Throw on two killer robots who decapitate and disintegrate their prey. Hence, our film today is 2006's "Shockwave" (aka "A.I. Assault").
A team of scientists and soldiers are chased down in the desert and either decapitated or disintegrated by two robots. The two robots are a government creation to replace humans on the battlefield. These experiments always go so well. Eventually the scientific team, which includes our aforementioned "Baywatch" babe, gets control and takes these buggers on an airplane ride. Uh oh, the duo is mysteriously reactivated and kill every human on the plane and commandeer it to an uncharted island that looks a lot like Hawaii. Also arriving on the island are a trio of homicidal thieves headed by Rork (Blake Gibbons). Rork has his hot GF with him, Tiffany (Hudson Leick), and their hired helicopter pilot Jack (Josh Coxx).
A SEAL team is dropped on the island to retrieve the robot killers. Too late, the things are busy. First they attack the robbers and disintegrate them. Now the robbers and Jack are on the run and run smack into our SEALs headed by Major Tunney (Joe Lando). The SEALs have the scientist from the killer robot project with them, Dr. Susan (Lisa LoCicero)...a babe, of course. Susan's dad is missing and was on the plane that the robots conquered. Uh oh, the robots are smart and are using parts of the airplane and Jack's chopper to create a flying machine so they can get off the island. The robots are also good hunters and pick off the soldiers one by one as Susan's ray-gun that is supposed to kill them, doesn't work. Uh oh again, the robots have Susan's dad and you won't believe what they did to him. Now the soldiers and thieves must band together to stop the things from reaching population centers and wiping out all humans.
Will scientist Susan and skank Tiffany (clad in high heels and a tight skirt) give us a nice cat-fight? What is the ultimate plan for the robot duo if they succeed in getting off the island? Is there a better plot device than government scientists creating things that will replace soldiers on the battlefield? If you are a fan of films on the Syfy Channel, this is one for you.  Alas, the beautiful will die horribly and hunks will be shredded, so enjoy "Shockwave."  

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