Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Spawn of the Slithis, Radioactive Ooze Creature Finds Love

Poor Jennifer (Wendy Rastattar). This small town gal from North Dakota arrives in L.A. looking for fame and a good time. Stupid decision after stupid decision will then spell her humiliating doom. First, she hooks up with weird Doug (Stephen J. Hoag). He may be a Satanist and has an altar to himself adorned with his portrait on his houseboat. As the two begin to engage in pre-marital sex, a horny sea monster invades the houseboat and shreds Doug. Not done yet, the mini-skirt and suede boot clad Jennifer will then be stripped, ravished, raped, and torn to pieces by same creature. Today we look at 1978's "Spawn of Slithis."
The rape of Jennifer
A vicious creature is born out of mud infused with radioactivity from a leaky power-plant. The monster comes onto land, Venice, California, and begins shredding and feeding on humans. The cops are dolts and handsome high school teacher, Wayne (Alan Blanchard) takes on the case. Wayne is an awful teacher.  He hates his students, demeans them, and hates teaching.  Wayne is married to the lovely Jeff (Judy Motulsky)....Jeff?!? Just go with it. Jeff reads Cosmo a lot, presumably the articles on orgasms, and gives Wayne lots of goo-goo eyes. Wayne is uninterested in his beautiful wife, and starts visiting crime scenes.
Slithis food
After consulting some mad scientists, Wayne tries a couple of things that succeed in getting good people killed including the aforementioned Jennifer and her Anton Lavey wannabe stud. Now Wayne, enlists the help of a Quint-wannabe boat captain (Mello Alexandria) to flush out the monster. Uh oh, part of Wayne's idiotic scheme will have the lovely, and under-sexed Jeff, waiting at the canal for the creature to appear.  Will the amorous Slithis-thing be turned on by the sultry and afraid Jeff? Will any of the information Jeff read in Cosmo about relationships and erogenous zones help her tame the mud creature?
Slithis attacks
For the sake of the nubile babes of Venice, California, let us hope Wayne is a better monster hunter than he is a school teacher. Perhaps an inspiration for Roger Corman's "Humanoids from the Deep," "Spawn of Slithis" is a flawed but energetic sea creature film with erotic undertones. Slow at times, and surprisingly gory, this film can be forgiven its faults.  "Spawn of Slithis" is a fine companion to any Roger Corman film if you seek a Creature Feature double dip.


  1. Venice...ah the memories I have of biking there. Also a place that everyone knows to steer clear of at night. Probably because of this monster! Good review, Christopher!

  2. Lol I always get this one mixed up with William Fruet's Spasms about the giant snake. Haven't seen this one in a long time but found ti nicely silly fun although a bit slow/plodding in parts as you said. Nice review as always mate. :)

  3. JFC Chris.....Your reviews are great, "b" movie reviews from you make a compelling case to bring them back into fashion. Wish I could comment on every post, but I'm dog lazy here in SA, its 98F 9:34pm !