Monday, January 29, 2018

In the Folds of the Flesh, Decapitations and Acid Baths

Yep...decapitations and acid baths.  Also cyanide baths, Nazi gas chambers, and more decapitations. Oh so many decapitated heads popping up in such weird places! Today, from Spain and Italy, and set in Switzerland, we have 1970's "In the Folds of the Flesh," directed by Sergio Bergonzelli. Seedy, perverted, and quite gruesome, we take a look at another film that shouldn't be discussed in polite company. Did I mention rampant incest?
Three nympho-psychos dwell in a Swiss villa (not necessarily a bad thing). The sultry Lucille (Eleanora Rosa Drago) is the governess, looking over the perky and amorous Falesse (Pier Angeli) and the perverted Colin (Emilio Gutierrez Caba). One fateful day a dangerous felon, Pascal (Fernando Sancho), running from the cops enters the villa grounds and witnesses Lucille buring a corpse (...or does he?). 13 years later, he will return, but not after the nympho-trio kills a few unwanted visitors and dissolves them in acid baths. Not knowing this, Pascal returns to the castle to blackmail the trio and threatening to tell the cops about the corpse.  He rapes the girls and humiliates Colin...but the maniacs have plans for him.
What happens to Pascal is predictable, and not the major part of the story. See, Falesse is incredibly unstable. She seduces any man who enters the house and knifes them during pre-marital sex. Oh yes, Lucille...a death camp survivor, has a penchant for cyanide gas (we all have our hang-ups). Colin, loves sex with Falesse...but are they related? Oh yes, that corpse Lucille buried? He comes back, to the surprise of these three unstable nympho-maniacs. Falesse's insanity may have been caused by being raped by her dad, which resulted in his of many in this film. When you watch this film, you will be confused as to who exactly is who. Don't are the main characters. When the end credits roll, you'll know...and it won't have you feeling good about the human race.
Who, or what, did Lucille bury on the villa estate 13 years ago? After raping his daughter, is it wise for the corpse to return to life to reconnect with his now insane daughter? What a question that is! Will Colin's affection and intimacy for Falesse turn out to be a perverted blasphemy? Pure Euro-Trash, but definitely different. If you are sick of Hollywood's cookie-cutter films, enjoy "In the Folds of the Flesh."


  1. You know, Christopher, incest is a family affair....bad joke. This seems like one of those crazy, late night movies that Skinamax might show......good review!

  2. I TOLD you this one was twisty & turney!:D That whole Nazi thing just came completely outa left field for me & I gotta say, considering it's nearly 50 years old it's pretty full on for its time actually. Glad you appreciated this one Christopher & great review, I'm hoping more get to see it. :)

  3. Wow, this film sounds like it has a little of everything that makes a B film great!