Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Hatching, Crocs on the Moors

Americans know a lot about the moors.  They are populated by pagan worshipers just waiting to burn innocent tourists in order to beckon a fertile spring.  Charming, quaint, and deadly.  Throw in a crocodile menace and now we have a veritable horror film fun-land.  Throw in one of my favorite young actors, "Primeval" star Andrew Lee Potts, and we have a crafty, and somewhat comedic creature-eat-human horror film. Today we look at 2016's "The Hatching."
He will need a bigger boat
We've all been there.  A prank gone wrong.  Three lads try sneaking into the zoo, but the prank ends when a youngster is eaten by a Big Nile Crocodile in front of his two mates.  It happens.  18 years later, Tim (Potts) returns to this small village on the moors.  Lucy, his beautiful GF (Laura Aikman) joins him, but the town is a bit cool to his return.  They still see Timmy as the boy who fed his buddy to the croc.  Oh yes, a slew of young babes have gone missing around the moors, and a very enormous crocodile has set up shop.
She will need to row faster
The town, or most of it, is ignorant to this predator's presence, but not for long.  The thing is getting hungrier and venturing out of the water.  Uh oh, Our croc has friends who are keen on it's survival. As someone feeds the monster human body parts, usually those of English babes, the very cute and nubile Lucy is endangered.  Unbeknownst to Lucy, Timmy might know more than he is letting on about the crocodile horror besieging this quiet community.
Will Tim be able to defeat the demons of his youth and fight the crocodile and his allies? Will the pretty lasses of this village be more of an endangered species than the Big Nile Crocodiles?  A few surprises and twists, and lots of severed body parts await the viewer.  Some good gore, a bit of humor, and really big crocs make "The Hatching" (directed by Michael Anderson) a nice catch for horror film fans.

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