Saturday, November 19, 2016

Castle of the Creeping Flesh, Drunks, Nymphomaniacs, and the Dead

From 1968 West Germany comes "Castle of the Creeping Flesh." A weird tale with lots of nudity and gore, most of the gratuitous kind.  A tale of a bloody family curse that drives a loving father mad with an obsession to bring his beautiful dead daughter back to life.  Yeah, this always works out well.  Throw in a fierce bear, a Gothic castle, some young lovelies bent on finding pre-marital sex, and a mad scientist.  Directed by Adrian Hoven, this is a heart warming tale... wait, what I meant to say is the heart is still warm when it is dug out of one of the aforementioned lovelies.
The Earl of Saxon (Howard Vernon) is a peculiar sort.  He lives in a remote castle deep in the German woods.  He is enduring a family curse.  This curse has a lot of moving parts, but in a nut shell, here it is: The Earl's pretty daughter will be raped and murdered as his evil mistress watches on in orgasmic glee.  Hence the Earl's daughter's corpse is laying in the castle laboratory.  Our sad nobleman is determined to bring her back to life but needs more human organs.  On cue, six misbehaving, but great looking, young people arrive after getting lost in the woods.  They are Vera (Janine Raynaud), her sister Elena (Elvira Berndorff), Marian (Claudia Butenuth), the evil Baron Brack (Michael Lemoine) and the fiances of Elena and Marian (studs of no consequence).
Once in the castle, Vera does a great job at having pre-marital sex with the fiances of her sister and friend.  Oh yes, the Earl realizes that Marian is a spitting image of his daughter.  The guests are let in on the family curse and are shown a wax display of the rape, complete with sound effects (a welcomed adornment to anyone's home).  As the Earl abducts Marian from her bed chamber, Vera has lots of passionate pre-marital sex, and the Baron wrestles with a hungry bear.  Do Marian and her amorous friends have any chance of survival?  Will the Earl's daughter return to life with Marian's organs?
Janine Raynaud steals the show with her beauty and love scenes.  Warning, the surgical scenes are graphic and numerous (this is unfortunate for the lovely Marian).  Weird, quirky, and atmospheric, "Castle of the Creeping Flesh" is a nice catch for discriminating horror fans.  Erotic and gory, fans of this blog will want to find it.  This film is sometimes available on YouTube.

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