Monday, May 9, 2016

Paradox, Zoe Bell in the Future

...actually, only about one hour into the future.  What waits for us an hour from now? Some maniacal killer right out of "My Bloody Valentine."  But wait....he's!  An hour from now he will kill everyone....but that's a whole 60 minutes from now.  Can our protagonists stop what will happen an hour from now if they know it will happen?  Oh yeah....Zoe Bell is in this...did I mention that?  Intrigued? Let us take a look at 2016's "Paradox."
Project 880 is ready!  A time machine, created by Mr. Landau (Malik Yoba) and his team.  A mysterious figure, Landau is worried that the NSA will figure out what he is doing and try to infiltrate his team.  Too late....Gale (Bell), the only lady on his team, just so happens to be an NSA secret agent.  Time for the test.  Jim, Gale's beau, is sent one hour into the future.  Uh oh....Jim (Adam Huss) arrives to find all his team mates are either dead or dying.  He returns and desperately tries to convince his team to change the past in order to avoid a deadly future.  How easy is that?
Uh oh...someone else has come back.  A homicidal maniac is bent on wiping out the whole team  The team panics and bickers.  Our gas-mask clad killer embarks on carnage that would make Jason Voorhees proud, and our scientific team dwindles.  Double uh oh, the team figures out that Landau is...well....let's not go there in order to avoid some neat spoilers and twists.  In fact, I will leave out much of the plot as that would ruin some neat mystery and surprises for you.  Take my word for it, this science fiction story has just as many slasher elements as scifi plot devices.  The gore is piled high with one of the most interesting decapitations since "The Omen."
Who exactly is Landau?  What came back from the future?  Can the future be altered? As Gale tries to survive with her boyfriend Jim, she must also fight the paranoia of the remainder of the team. Directed by Michael Hurst ("Hercules" and "Xena" TV shows), this film is a lot more complex than my verbiage above.  Fear not, you'll get it all before the end credits.  Available on Netflix, see "Paradox."


  1. Alas, despite the fab Zoe Bell's presence, whenever I hear "it's available on Netflix" my mind begins churning...clunker, clunker alert, danger, Will Robinson.

  2. I will have to check out this one on Netflix. Thanks for the great review!