Saturday, May 21, 2016

Nightmare Weekend, Beautiful Women turned into Monsters

IMDB was not kind to 1986's "Nightmare Weekend."  On that site, this film is described as "...a deadly turd of a film," and "....worthless pile of maggot ridden filth." Despite that harsh criticism, this is a much better flick than Mila Kunis' "Jupiter Ascending." Though the aforementioned quotes may not be inaccurate, "Nightmare Weekend" gives us a man's face eaten off by some silk panties, a woman seducing a tarantula, gratuitous pre-marital sex with bloody consequences, and a puppet trying to explain love to a beautiful woman.  This film is available on Troma's YouTube channel.
Plot?  If you insist. Julie (Debbie Laster), a mad scientist, has stolen an invention that is supposed to suppress aggression in impulsive and violent people.  The experiments have worked on animals, and now Julie desires to try it on humans....coed skanks, actually.  She invites three beautiful women to a mansion where they will be asked to seduce a trio of unsuspecting hunks. Of course, Julie will put the damsels under the control of her computer device.  Oh yes, Julie stole this machine from Jessica's (Debra Hunter) dad. Unbeknownst to Julie, Jessica's hormonal voyages are intertwined with the machine,  To Jessica, the machine is George, a puppet that guides Jessica's affairs of the heart.
 As Jessica falls in love with Julie's ex-lover, Ken (Dale Midkiff), Julie begins her experiments. The amorous babes don some sexy outfits and seduce three guys.  The consequences for the guys will be deadly, especially for the one that sniffs Linda's (Andrea Thompson) lace panties (picture the scene from "Alien").  Uh oh....the suppression of violence and mania doesn't seem to work with these babes.  They turn into homicidal monsters.  As Jessica seeks to win over Ken, Julie then attempts to do her in as well.  As Julie sends Jessica to the mansion of the experiment, the three lovely fiends are waiting for her.
Will beautiful and pure Jessica survive the trio of monsters? Will Jessica's libido, sparked by Julie's ex-lover, be her ruination? There is gratuitous pre-marital sex.  There is gratuitous nudity and gore.  There is gratuitous 1980s aerobics.  There are decapitations and exploding heads.  By all means, take the IMDB reviews seriously (this film earned a 2.6 rating on IMDB), but if those above noted elements are what float your boat, catch "Nightmare Weekend" and see a much superior film than anything Mila Kunis has done lately.


  1. "There is gratuitous 1980s aerobics."

    ok, that's going TOO FAR! Even for Troma!!

  2. "Plot? If you insist." I love it!