Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Maze, The Monstrosity in the Castle

What lurks in the bowels of an old Scottish castle? Ghosts? Too easy! Today we look at a very atmospheric film, complete with fog, cobwebs, long dark hallways, and something mysterious slithering just beyond the candle light....1953's "The Maze," in 3D! This film includes a sensational performance by Veronica Hurst. Ms. Hurst portrays our pretty and dainty heroine who never shows fear, even though everyone else in this film does. Locked doors and cryptic warnings just won't stop this lady.
.On vacation just before their wedding, Kitty (Hurst) and Gerald (Richard Carlson) are so happy...even though Kitty's Aunt Edith (Katherine Emery) is along as a chaperon. Uh oh....a mysterious letter calls Richard back to his family's castle in Scotland.  When Richard doesn't contact Kitty for weeks, her and Edith head to the Scottish moors to find Gerald.  When they arrive at the castle, they find it has no modern amenities and Richard has aged 20 years.  Unfortunately for Kitty, her fiance has broken off the engagement and wants Edith and her to leave.  Kitty refuses, but is subject to the odd castle rules, such as being locked in her room at night and forbidden to go into the maze adjacent the castle.
Kitty tries her best to get to the bottom of the mystery which has taken Gerald away from her. Strange noises emanate from the rooms upstairs and at night, Kitty spies someone..or something in the maze. Gerald is bent on getting Kitty and Edith to depart, but Kitty comes up with a plan. She lures some friends over to observe Gerald and help her solve the mystery. Meanwhile, something upstairs is slithering and leaving trails of weird footprints.  Double uh oh, Gerald is engrossed in a textbook about monstrosities of organisms.  Not to be defeated, Kitty dons an elegant, and shapely white party dress and makes her way to the maze after if we didn't see this coming.
Will our lovely protagonist meet up with a monstrous horror in the forbidden maze? Is Gerald insane, or is he attempting to protect Kitty and Edith? What is this macabre family secret that necessitates Gerald reading a tome on monstrosities?  Ms. Hurst is beautiful and courageous. Richard Carlson (Creature from the Black Lagoon) is menacing and mysterious. Available on YouTube, this is a gem from before our time but well worth a look.

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