Monday, February 29, 2016

SS Hellcamp, Nazis meet Italian Exploitation

Think of this Euro-Trash as "The Guns of Navarone" meet the gods of Italian sexploitation. Today we examine 1977's "SS Hellcamp" (aka "La Bestia in Calore"). Offensive, in bad taste, exploitative, almost porn, and badly dubbed, our feature today is heavy on gore, torture, and nudity. To spare the weak stomachs who might read this blog, we will refrain from mentioning the exact means of torture, and only do so....[RATS] a subliminal manner.
Dr. Ellen Kratsch (Macha Magall) is a sultry devil of the SS.  Clad in an SS uniform and black boots, Kratsch has created a beast with super-virility.  To satisfy ...[FEMALE CASTRATION]... her monster, she has her soldiers bring virgins from the town her troops occupy to her. The evil scientist gets off on watching her well-hung monster rape the young women to death. As local partisans attempt to sabotage the German war effort in their conquered ...[BEAST RAPE]... town, Kratsch is asked to assist the German army in torturing the locals in order to identify the saboteurs. By the way, our evil doctor is always accompanied by two beautiful German ...[MALE CASTRATION]... army guards which she enjoys kissing.
As the men in the town are killed off, Kratsch orders the young women ...[BEAST EATING #@&&$]... brought to her. She certainly has ways of making her subjects talk, and in one scene we see her torturing a half dozen (mostly women) unfortunates at once.  The partisans are persistent and seem to be closing ...[FINGERNAILS]... in on Kratsch's lab/torture house. Now the allies have asserted air superiority, and the German occupation appears to be ...[EATEN BY BEAST]... on their last legs.  Will the partisans capture Kratsch and subject her to her own creation?  Will she escape? Or....will either the Soviets or Americans make her a citizen in exchange for her scientific knowledge and/or talents?
This film is designed to speak to our more prurient nature, no doubt. I also warn you that when you go to ...[WHIPPING]... your next book club gathering to discuss an Alice Walker work, this is a film you'll want to refrain from discussing.  Available almost nowhere, the DVD is reasonably priced on Amazon.

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