Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Big Bad, Werewolves do Long Island

We always knew there was something about Long Island.  More like Connecticut than New York, the Islanders have a bit of an identity crisis. What's more, half the island is probably a lycanthrope. Today we look at 2011's "The Big Bad."  Written and starring Jessi Gotta, this film is dark, eerie, and a bit spunky.  Directed by Bryan Enk, this horror film is definitely a bit different, and at times unmerciful.  So say goodbye to the New York Islanders you Long Islanders, and say hello to the werewolves.
Frankie (Gotta) has lost everything..and everyone.  It appears as if she wants revenge as she searches for the elusive Fenton (Timothy McCown Reynolds).  In her quest, she steps into a seedy bar where she meets Molly (Jessica Savage).  Molly is a pathetic creature, hardened by horrific experiences.  Frankie knows Molly has knowledge of Fenton, as Molly has a neck wound.  The two women both sport still bleeding bite wounds.  Being bitten by a werewolf has some deadly side-effects, and Molly's short term future will prove hairy.  Whatever bond Frankie and Molly developed will end dreadfully when Molly turns.  Uh oh...some secret cabal abducts Frankie and brings her to the mysterious Annabelle (Alan Rowe Kelly).  Annabelle also has a score to settle with Fenton and believes Frankie can lead her to him. Without giving spoilers, her stay at this compound will prove quite gory and will have you turning your head.
Alas, Frankie is no longer human, and she escapes in icky fashion.  Now on to her original quest...find Fenton, which she does.  The woman Frankie wanted blood, but she is no longer a woman.  The lycan Frankie....well she wants blood and something else which might be impossible. The two have a very philosophical meeting which will result in a significant body count.  Now changed, and a servant of the full moon, will Frankie alter her tune about revenge?
For those of you who like horrific endings to your horror movies...as opposed to the "live happily ever after" model..."The Big Bad" is for you.  Ms. Gotta is superb in her acting and writing for this film, and I believe will remind some of Katharine Isabelle, at times.  Available on Netflix, do not miss this sleeper.

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