Saturday, August 29, 2015

Inner Demons, as if Reality Shows weren't Scary Enough...

What is the worst that could happen during a reality show?  The babe says no to the hunk's proposal? The biological parents end up being jerks? Throw a demon possessed teenager into the mix and we might actually have a reality show we all would watch. When I say demon-possessed, I'm not talking about a sassy girl screaming obscenities...or throwing a Bible across the room.  Nope....I'm talking some really gory and homicidal stuff....all documented for TV. So let us examine 2014's "Inner Demons," a horror film directed by Seth Grossman.  Be warned, this will not be the feel good movie of 2015.
Carson (Lara Vosburgh) is (...or was) a beautiful and smart high school girl.  As a little girl, she memorized the Bible.  Now..she is addicted to heroin and pills.  Her parents are at their wits end and have tried everything.  But wait!  Like a knight in shining armor, the reality show "Step Inside Recovery" shows up.  The gimmick of this show is that they script out an intervention and get the subject into recovery..all in front of millions of viewers.  At first the intervention goes bad (...which is great for ratings).  Carson flies across the room and tries to shove a letter down her best friend McKee's ( Susan Ateh) throat.  Cooler heads prevail and the troubled youth agrees to check into rehab at the Hope Center.  Now the fun really starts.
Her recovery will be filmed.  Carson tries to be honest with Dr. Kordis (James Cragen).  This won't work.  See, Carson is possessed by a demon and the heroin is the only way to keep it under control. Unfortunately for the patients and staff, when the drugs are weaned from her system...the demon becomes stronger.  Oh yes....the poor schmuck Jason (Morgan McClellan).  He is the camera man who falls in love with Carson....and the only one who believes her. As the demon gets stronger, it gets bolder.  Carson shrieks in Latin, knows secret dirt on the other patients, and reacts violently to holy water slipped into her drink.  The demonic horror in this film cascades and becomes quite shocking.  How powerful has the demon become?  Is Jason due to be it's victim? What secret does McKee hold that could provide a cure?  All those questions will be answered but beware....the truth will not set you free.
I am trying really hard to refrain from throwing spoilers at you.  I will say that this is a dark film and when you believe a tender moment, or a sweet exchange has occurred...well...get ready for shock and gore.  The ending will leave you agape, momentarily asking what just happened .  Available on Netflix, "Inner Demons" will give you nightmares and cause you to sleep with an eye wide open.


  1. At last, a movie that sounds like it's worth the extra salt and hot-buttered tub of maze of the popped variety.. We'll have to see this trainwreck. Great job, should be paid royalties because you've sent my daughter and me to several movies through your killer, blood, laughs, and gore reviews.

    1. Wow, that was a great review! I've seen this movie on Netflix and didn't think to watch it because the rating said 2 stars. I can't wait to watch it now after this review! I'm always on the lookout for a good horror movie.

  2. Chris, you'll never fully appreciate the horrors you've caused me.
    We watched Inner Demons yesterday and your review is absolutely spot on. I'd have to admit that it was good. We were entertained.
    The talented star of the movie is also a very pretty girl. I'd give this one a solid 3 Pedes rating.