Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lust of the Dead, Gang Rape...Lesbian Sex..Castration...

The newest horror franchise (this one out of Japan), is the "Lust of the Dead" films (also known as "Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead").  I believe there are three of them now.  Sexploitation and J-Horror, complete with spurting blood (..usually after castrations and decapitations) grace the silver screen to warm our hearts.  Highly offensive and almost pornography, 2012's "Lust of the Dead"is our film today.  If anything above offends, please stop reading now.  In a world where men die when their testosterone levels rise, and turn into rapist zombies, a beautiful virgin, an Asian schoolgirl, a nurse, and a housewife (who survived rape attempts by her husband and child) band together to survive this perverted apocalypse.
As our story begins, beautiful Japanese women are being gang raped all over Tokyo.  The attractive TV info-babe, while reporting from the center of the city, is also gang raped to a nationwide audience.  This is a worldwide phenomenon and surviving women band together with machine guns and swords. To survive, they take vengeance on a world that used to be dominated by men.  Fleeing from Tokyo, a hot nurse leads one of her patients to apparent safety.  The nurse saved the virgin from a raping fiend (pictured below). The ejaculation from the zombies is toxic and kills the female victims.  Now the two, armed with a samurai sword, stumble upon a holy shrine in the country.  There they meet two other survivors; the schoolgirl and the housewife.  These two believe the virgin has been infected, but the nurse assures them no ejaculation took place.  The nurse and the virgin then fall in love and engage in demonstrative lesbian sex.
Uh oh, our babes are not alone.  A low testosterone priest who has a fetish for female anime characters also occupies the shrine.  His collection of anime costumes suits the babes just fine and they are able to shed their blood soaked garments.  Our schoolgirl takes a liking to our priest who desires to remain celibate.  She desires lots of sex with him, and he is horrified by the nymphomaniac's desires.  Uh oh again, the virgin seems to be pregnant...but is it by a zombie, or something more spiritual?  An inevitable epic battle will occur as the male population of Tokyo will converge on the shrine.  Swords will fly and machine guns will rat-a-tat as tallywhackers are severed (unlike the traditional zombie, these fiends can only be killed by castration).
Will all four of the babes survive the zombies and their own sexual desires?  Be warned, there is lots of violent gang-rape scenes which come within an inch of earning this film an X rating.  I haven't even mentioned the nuclear war with North Korea, there is just so much here.  Only from Japan, perhaps, but aficionados of Japanese Horror/Exploitation should thoroughly enjoy these "Lust of the Dead" films, which are all available on Netflix.

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  1. Nice review, understated, but boy im sure the lesbian scene is epic!