Thursday, January 1, 2015

Kill List, Why Americans think the UK is Weird

Most Americans believe that outside of London, the UK is teeming with druid cults.  After all, we saw "The Wicker Man."  It is also comforting to believe that our sophisticated allies also have ominous problems, which are more refined than ours.  We have ruthless uneducated gangs in America.  In the UK, at least as far as we Americans believe, the arrogant elite form cults and sacrifice poor saps so the crops grow.  Reality is irrelevant...demonstrated by the belief that recycling will save the planet.  So today, we look at the horror/crime film from 2011, "Kill List."
The plot:  Jay (Neil Maskell) is an out of work assassin.  His hot, Swedish wife. Shel (MyAnna Buring) is feeling the pinch. Bills need to be paid.  She inspires him to go back to work by hitting him a lot, screaming at him, and hitting him some more.  That's okay, did I mention she is pretty hot.  Shel is a former Swedish James Bond type, and is also great with a gun.  The strong arm tactics work, Jay gets back together with his buddy Gal (Michael Smiley) after a dinner party in which Gal introduces them to his witch girlfriend, Fiona (Emma Fryer), who spreads STDs and magic (no one knows this about her).  Enter a mysterious client who lives in a mansion, and a list of schmucks to be assassinated...and off we go. 
Gal and Jay are good.  Both these guys are former army, and had some traumatizing episodes in Iraq. Among the schmucks on the list are a priest and a librarian.  Our duo knows better than to ask questions, but Jay notices something strange about these jobs.  When he looks the victims in the eye, before pulling the trigger, the schmucks give him a warm smile and say "thank you." Back at home, Shel and Fiona are getting chummy.  Also, someone has killed their cat and hung it up at their home's front door.  Did I mention Shel is pretty hot?  A British MP is the last fellow on Jay's list, but when he and Gal get to this guy's estate, the weirdness intensifies. 
Exactly what do these patsies on Jay's kill list have in common?  Are the unusual happening at Jay's home related to his mission? Why is Fiona taking such an interest in Shel (who is pretty hot)?  All these questions will be answered in quite shocking fashion.  Directed by Ben Wheatley, "Kill List" is available on Netflix.  This is a weird one, or did I already say that?  Be warned, the material in this plot intrudes on the taboo, and it does get pretty gory.  Hopefully, the makers of this film will also craft a film about secret-agent Shel, the Swedish babe (did I mention...never mind, I guess I did). 

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  1. Great review. One question, though: are there any hot babes in this movie? 😝