Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Slaughterhouse Massacre, Classic Slasher Fare

We've heard it all before... "Nothing new here."  "Predictable." "Juvenile and immature."  WHATEVER!  2005's "The Slaughterhouse Massacre" is a lot of fun, and a perfect anti-holiday film.  Go ahead, watch "Miracle on 34the Street" and "It's a Wonderful Life,"  Me?  I'm diving into Netflix and clicking on Paul Gagne's (writer, director, and co-producer) magnum opus.  The same logic voiced above would have kept us from seeing "Motor Home Massacre" (see my review of this from December 27 of last year).  Ignore the arrogant elites who have not seen this movie.  The acting is good, especially by Shaila Vaidya as a victimized protagonist.
The plot:  A bunch of immature Texas college students, with nothing but fornicating in their mind are misbehaving in class, and then at a wild party.  Drugs, sex (of all kinds), alcohol, and partner switching is a bit too much for Stacey (Vaidya).  Uh oh, her boyfriend, the star quarterback, is sucking face with all the other coeds at the party.  Humiliated, Stacey demands to be taken home.  Of course, her plans get sidetracked when her unfaithful beau, Justin (Maurizio Rasti) has something else in mind.  Allen, Texas is an abandoned town where a madman, Marty Sickle (Gagne) once cut up some nymphomaniac college students.  Sickle is supposedly dead, but legend has it that a rhyming incantation, recited in Sickle's abandoned slaughterhouse will resurrect him.  Justin brings Stacey, and another hot couple, Bobby (Vaedynn Orland) and Tina (Stacey Denson) to the slaughterhouse with the intent of scaring them....funny!  
The annoyed Stacey has no choice, as Justin is driving.  The incantation is recited...and guess who is resurrected.  Now our quartet must run for their lives as Marty Sickle (pictured below) seeks to disembowel these nubile college kids.  Sickle has some success as he inflicts some very gory kills.  As our would be victims fight for survival, the very pretty Stacey gradually loses her clothes.  Before it is all over, Stacey will be battling clad only in some alluring lace undies. Hey..why not!  Sickle emerges as a burned Jason type figure.  Shotguns and knives don't seem to affect him. Stacey puts her mind to work and develops an ambitious strategy to send our antagonist back to Hell.  will Stacey be able to save her friends?
This film may be straight-to-DVD, but it is infinitely better than some of Hollywood's big budget garbage.  Filled with sex, gore, and scares, Paul Gagne delivers a most decent slasher flick worthy of your attention.  Neither Mr. Gagne or Ms. Vaidya have many credits listed after their names, but let us hope we see more of these very talented peeps in the near future.


  1. There is something really disturbing about that pic of the villain. That alone might cause me to have a hard time sleeping. I sometimes wish I did not have such an active imagination

  2. The underdog of cool films,keep it up, notify the world, the US isn't just Hollywood.