Thursday, December 18, 2014

Killer Mermaid, Montenegro Nights

This year's "Killer Mermaid" (aka "Nymph") is probably the most memorable film ever set and filmed in Montenegro.  I'm fairly sure it is the best movie ever made about mermaids, as well.  Wonderfully filmed, after watching this movie I now have Montenegro on my list of desired vacation destinations. No doubt "Killer Mermaid" will be much maligned, as most straight-to-DVD works are, but this is a terrific and fun horror flick.  One might argue that it starts slow, but the great looking actresses and actors make up for that.  In any event, the final 45 minutes is rapid paced, scary, and gory. Fabulously directed by Milan Todorovic, and terrific acting by Kristina Klebe and Natalie Burn (picture below), make today's blog selection the biggest sleeper of 2014.
Mr. Todorovic introduces and defines his characters well.  Kelly (Klebe) and Lucy (Burn) are college chums who travel to beautiful Montenegro seven years after graduation to hook up with their old classmate, Alex (Slobodan Stefanovic).  Alex is now engaged ( the displeasure of Kelly and Lucy) to the luscious Yasmin (Sofija Rajovic) who can sense that Lucy and her fiance used to be intimates.  In need of an immediate distraction, Alex proposes a boat trip to an island not on the map where and abandoned army base exists (...yeah, this is always a brilliant idea).  Oh a parallel plot, an old seaman is murdering beautiful women and feeding them to some monster living underneath that abandoned base.  Joining our quartet is Boban (Dragan Micanovic).  For you ladies, Alex and Boban are quite good looking, equipped with killer abs.  
Unaware that this uncharted island is the lair of a seductive monster and her henchman, our five really hot characters land there.  As they tour the island, the henchman follows, prepared with a knife, hook, and rifle.  Unfortunately for Yasmin (pictured above), she is separated from the group, and her head.  Uh oh...the guys hear really sweet music, which Kelly and Lucy do not.  The music puts Boban and Alex in a trance luring them to the the killer mermaid's lair.  Hungry and unmerciful, the mermaid desires to eat all the visitors, and it is up to Kelly (the smarter of the two surviving babes) to pull the hunks out of their trances and mount an escape from this bloody island.  As the mermaid shreds some of the characters, Kelly must use her brains and overcome her fear of the water to survive.  The mermaid (Zorana Kostic Obradovic) is monstrous, but to the guys, she appears sultry and alluring.
The ending is exciting, and the inevitable cat-fight between the mermaid and Kelly won't be avoided.  The origin of the mermaid is explained and also the even more horrific origin of the uncharted island adds to the terror in "Killer Mermaid."  The DVD is very reasonably priced on, and as the cold winter approaches, you owe yourself a horror movie with bikini-clad babes and six-pack ab hunks.  

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