Monday, May 26, 2014

Mutant Girls Squad, Gore and Exploitation from Japan

2010's "Mutant Girls Squad" is not the first Japanese gore-epic this blog has featured.  On April 28th "Helldriver" was featured.  The two movies have similarities.  Both movies feature a Japanese heroine saving Japan.  Both feature extreme gore, with lots of spurting blood and impaled victims.  More importantly, both of these films extol the virtues of individualism in the face of massive collectivism in today's society.  Our heroines are different, and completely at odds with accepted norms. In today's blog entry, whether human or mutant, collectivism is the source of evil.
The plot: Rin (Yumi Sugimoto) is a shy and bullied girl who has just turned 16.  After being bullied all day at school she wakes up in the nurse's office after some classmates beat her up.  The nurse tells Rin that she is not human and some people are on the way to take her away.  For the first time, Rin's mutant self makes an appearance and she escapes after knocking the nurse's ear off.  She arrives home in tears to parents who break the news to her that she is a mutant.  Her dad is one, and encourages her to embrace her differences.  Government storm troopers then invade the house and kill her mom and dad, spurring Rin to become a mutant.  Her mutant feature is a Freddy Krueger hand, and she uses it to dispatch the invaders.  She then escapes and meets hostility from everyone she meets including an evil mall owner, two bakers, a reporterette and her news crew, nice guys, and butchers.  She makes minced meat out of all of them (see picture above).
Rin is then found by a mutant commune.  The mutants, called Hilko, are teen-aged girls who all have mutant attributes (treasures).  She befriends Rei (Yuko Takayama), a beautiful but deadly Hilko, who trains her in combat. Rin then meets her new BFF, Yoshie (Suzuka Morita), a Hilko Cosplay nurse, who features tentacles and an aardvark's face when she becomes mutant (see picture above).  Together, these three beauties are dispatched to kill a general charged with eliminating all the Hilkos.  The trio perform their task, but when ordered to kill all the innocent human women and children at the scene, they realize that the Hilko commune is as evil as the intolerant humans.  As the Hilko commune endeavors to destroy all the humans in Japan, Rei, Rin, and Yoshie begin the quest to destroy the evil Hilkos.  
Knowing they could never belong to any community, our heroines decide to fight evil, simply because it is evil.  Unfortunately, the god of the Hilkos manifests as a gigantic, clawed nemesis who is bent on crushing these three rebels.  This god, and two other Hilkos (one with an a**-chainsaw and the other with breast swords) then pursue our lethal-damsels.  With both humans and Hilko bent on their destruction, Rei, Rin, and Yoshie engage in a bloody war which will be almost impossible to emerge victorious.  "Mutant Girls Squad" is a refreshing appeal to the virtue of individualism.  The three actresses are attractive, even as mutants, and do a fine job.  The gore is extreme, and action is non-stop, perfect for us B-Movie enthusiasts.  If you are sick and tired of being criticized for being different from the boring masses, this film should inspire you to hang on to your individualist ways.  Available on Netflix.

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