Friday, May 30, 2014

Forbidden World, Genetic Terror in Space

Produced by Roger Corman, 1982's "Forbidden World" (aka "Mutant") is another successful "Alien" rip-off. This production has all the elements of classic B Movie fare.  A square-jawed hero, two beautiful damsels in a lot of distress, mad scientists, a mutant bug-like monster, lots of gore, and an experiment gone very wrong guarantee that this film will be pleasing to the B Movie aficionado.  Also, Dawn Dunlap ("Barbarian Queen"), who plays Tracy, delivers the best screaming performance in movie history.  Though Dunlap's acting career was short (1979-85), her performance is quite memorable.
The plot: Mike (Jesse Vint) is an intergalactic cop sent to the planet Xarbia.  A genetic experiment got out of hand and killed a scientist.  He is met there by a team of mad scientists and Dr. Barbara Glaser played by June Chadwick ("V" and "This is Spinal Tap").  As he is briefed by the team, it is obvious that Barbara has plans for this hunk.  As if Barbara was not reward enough for responding to a distress call, Mike also meets the shapely Tracy, and the two of them exchange goo-goo eyes.  No problem, Tracy's boyfriend dies fairly quickly, making her available.  The scientists inform Mike, "...we've created a little monster, I'm afraid." Unfortunately the little bugger (see photo below) grows really fast and escapes from the lab by hiding inside Tracy's boyfriend.  Once outside the sterile compartment, the thing grows and feasts on one scientist at a time.  Mike has a motto, "If it moves, and it is not one of us, shoot it."  This is horrific to our scientific team who believe the thing intelligent and desire to communicate with it.
Though Barbara and Mike have different philosophies on approaching the creature, she meets him in the hall wearing a shiny robe (see the first picture) and says "I hear your the best troubleshooter in the federation...want to see some trouble?"  He does and the two then enjoy a passionate evening of.....troubleshooting.  While they troubleshoot, the creature claims more victims.  As if Barbara was not enough, Mike wakes up and bumps into a nude Tracy in the spa.  Her greeting to him, "get naked."  One wonders if the Tracy or Barbara question will gain the traction of the proverbial Ginger or Marianne question (reference "Gilligan's Island"). Mike selects both.  Their tryst is interrupted by the spider like creature, unfortunately.  As Mike and the remaining scientists begin to hunt this bug thing, Barbara and Tracy meet in a hot shower.  Tracy is exhausted as she has been constantly chased by the fiend, and Barbara is always there to comfort her.  Barbara convinces Tracy to join her in slipping on a sexy bathrobe (see below photo) and approaching the creature in order to initiate communications with it.  If this sounds like a stupid idea.....well, unfortunately for Barbara, it was also a fatal one, and once again Tracy runs screaming into the arms of Mike.
As fate has just answered the Barbara or Tracy question for Mike, he and the surviving lab crew concoct a risky and gory plan to combat this mutation.  As the thing develops it's own ghastly plan for the humans, Mike and his crew will need to work fast.  The conclusion is exciting and blood splattered.  Tracy's screaming is classic and she is always able choose the wrong corridor to come face to face with the nemesis of mankind.  Will Mike and Tracy get over their losses and do some troubleshooting of their own?  Will the failure to break the cycle of violence endanger this lab team's chances of winning a Nobel prize?  After seeing the previews to Tom Cruise's new scifi epic...pardon me while I yawn...I guarantee you that "Forbidden World" (available on Netflix) will be more satisfying to you.

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