Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Zombie Hunter, Mad Max meets the Zombie Apocalypse

"Zombie Hunter" (2013) is proof that a fine zombie movie can still be made.  In a sub-genre that, of late, seems to be producing more dull flicks than anything remotely scary, this film has style, moodiness, and interesting characters.  Australian actor Martin Copping (Battle Ground) plays Hunter, a Mad Max type anti-hero with a bloody past, complete with a souped up black Chevy capable of going 150 mph.  Throw in Danny Trejo (Machete) as a hardened preacher and a couple of babes, and we have a terrific B Movie.
 The plot:  A year after an illegal drug called "natas" (Satan backwards) reduces the planet's population to zombies, Hunter is doing what all of us would be doing if we thought we were the only human left a hot rod over 150 mph through a desert.  As with all movies where someone thinks he is the last human, he is wrong.  After crashing his car, he is taken in, and nursed back to health, by a small commune led by a hardened and philosophical preacher named Father Jesus (Trejo).  Also in the commune is a stripper named Fast Lane Debby (Jade Regier), a wholesome gal named Alison (Clare Niederpruem), a geeky 15 year old, a mechanic, and an obnoxious fat guy.  With nothing else up his sleeve, and a heavy crush on Alison, Hunter joins them.  Fr. Jesus advises Hunter that they plan to leave the compound before a horde of eaters invades, and race to an airfield, commandeer a plane, and fly to some uninhabited islands off the coast.
These plans are never as easy as they should be...especially, as we all know, during a zombie apocalypse.  To get to the airfield, this ragtag group must travel through Dahmer.  The residents of Dahmer feasted on eaters, and now have become maniacal mutants.  Fortunately for our team, Hunter is bad-a**, and he is of the philosophy of  "Nothing puts a smile on my face like a mid-day massacre."  He partakes in these massacres of eaters and mutants using firearms, blades, chainsaws, and motor vehicles.  Fr. Jesus sums up Hunter the best, "Anyone that can survive Hell, they gotta be one ruthless, mean, son of a b****."
Of course their trek through Dahmer isn't without gory incident.  Our group must survive a chainsaw-wielding mutant cannibal with a sick sense of humor.  With Alison and Hunter bonding so well, will Fast Lane Debby (the stripper) find her niche in the post-apocalyptic wasteland?  With most of the world's population eaten or turned, is Fr. Jesus now one of the top five candidates to be the next Pope?  The acting is terrific and appropriately moody for this end-of-the-world saga. See "Zombie Hunter" and have a ball with the Noah-like character of Fr. Trejo and avoid the weird "Noah" movie that just graced our movie theaters.

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