Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ninja's Creed, Gail Kim as The Terminator

The most popular entry in this blog is "Bounty Hunters" (Feb. 15) featuring Trish Stratus.  So today, we revisit the WWE and discuss 2009's "Ninja's Creed" (aka "Royal Kill") starring Gail Kim.  This film will remind you of "The Terminator" until the final 20 minutes, when it resembles a Brian DePalma film.  In this work, Kim plays Nadia, a very bad a** assassin, armed with pistols, swords, knives, bombs, a miniskirt, and leather boots.  If the dichotomy between the aforementioned movie styles raises your suspicions, Gail Kim as Nadia should convince you to see this DVD.
The plot:  The evil Skanji Empire is on the verge of pushing the Samarza Empire into extinction.  These two Himalayan empires just can't coexist.  The Samarza pray a lot in Christian churches so when they ask for assistance from the U.N. and the United States, they are ignored.  The Skanji send Nadia to wipe out the entire royal family of their rivals, and she cuts through them like a knife (or sword) through butter.  But wait, the seventh child of the last king is sent to the U.S. to be raised by Eric Roberts.  Just before the king dies he dispatches Adam (Alexander Wraith) to Washington, DC to protect this child (now a teenager named Jan, played by Lalaine).  He gets there moments ahead of Nadia.  Nadia is able to filet Eric Roberts, but Adam escapes with Jan.  Jan is confused, as most teen-aged girls are, and runs away from Adam.  Nadia and Adam pursue her to an abandoned building.
Before taking on Adam, Nadia has to dispose of five cops, and she does as if they were Madison Rayne and company.  Fans of WWE will recognize some of Gail Kim's patented moves in this battle.  This sets up a very cerebral final confrontation at the National Cathedral.  As Adam and Nadia set for a deciding sword fight, she whispers to him, "The line between good and evil is so blurred."  This is an important statement in order to understand the conclusion of this film.
Gail Kim is obviously this movie's star attraction.  As Pat Morita (...yes, he is in this, too) tells Adam, she is not satisfied with merely killing, she wants to enjoy it.  Will the slogan "Can't we just get along?" spread from L.A. to the Himalayas?  Will Maryse or Kelly Kelly come to Jan and Adam's rescue?  Explosions, gunfights, sword fights, and Gail Kim......what more can we ask for? Well, how about a sequel in which Trish Stratus plays a bounty hunter pursuing Gail Kim's Nadia, the evil assassin? Yes, I think that would be a reasonable request.  

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  1. I do remember this one as ROYAL KILL (as you mention as an aka). Gail Kim is excellent in this role, in my humble opinion. I love the Brian DePalma observation :-)