Monday, March 17, 2014

The Navy vs. The Night Monsters, The Loves of Mamie Van Doren

They don't make movies like 1966's "The Navy vs. The Night Monsters" anymore.  You see, in 2014, every male character would be brought up on sexual harassment charges, making for a boring film.  Mamie Van Doren ("Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women") as nurse Nora fights off the advances of half the U.S. Navy, and then fights off acid-spewing tree creatures in this horror filled yarn, which is IN COLOR!  In 1966, however, this sexual harassment was as natural as spring romance.
The plot: A 300 square mile forest has been found in Antarctica, heated by underground hot lakes.  A scientific expedition has collected plant specimens which date back to the ice age.  A navy plane carrying these plants, and the scientific team, crash lands on Gow Island (a Naval meteorological station).  The pilot, the only survivor, has lost his mind, and it appears the entire crew and scientific team jumped out of the plane over the ocean, without parachutes.  The U.S. Navy is befuddled, as the cargo also seems to be missing.  Other than the U.S. Navy, Gow Island is known for beautiful nurses, as Nora and Diane (Kaye Elhardt) have their hands full....though neither seem to mind (see picture above and below).
Unfortunately for our nurses, and the navy, the cargo which escaped from the plane are the aforementioned tree creatures.  First they attack Diane, who survives, then some sailors who are not as fortunate.  Soon they overrun the island and begin advancing on the infirmary where the nurses and their admirers are holed up. Surviving the creatures and fending off unwanted advances are the chores for the nurses, as the navy attempts to defend against this prehistoric horror.
This cheesy B-Movie has great creatures, beautiful damsels in distress, square-jawed navy guys who look great in uniform, romance, suspense, and an explosive conclusion.  Mamie Van Doren's beauty lights up the screen.  With spring around the corner, flowers will bloom, and romance will abound.  "The Navy vs. The Night Monsters" is the perfect companion for spring, and all that this season brings.     

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  1. Spring is in the air, it's quite possible about a thermal lake, they say NASA has found one in the South Poles of Mars... B grade got it right again!