Sunday, March 9, 2014

Murder Weapon, A Jewel from Linnea Quigley

Linnea Quigley is arguably the best scream-queen of all-time.  Most B-Movie fans know her from "The Return of the Living Dead" and the original "Night of the Demons." I remember a couple of bits of advice she offered to aspiring actresses, "show up on time" and "learn your lines." This is sage guidance, not only in acting, but for every field of pursuit.  Today I will focus on a lesser known Quigley film, 1989's "Murder Weapon," aka "Beverly Hills Corpse." For B-Movie, and 1980s horror fans, this is a must see movie.
 Dawn (Quigley) and Amy, played by Karen Russell ("Hell High" and "Vice Academy") blackmail their way out of an insane-asylum.  Apparently they were irresistible to their attending shrinks.  Amy's doctor is played by Lyle Waggoner ("Wonder Woman").  Once back at home, they plan a party as they sunbathe in some nice bikinis.  These are spoiled daughters of mobsters and blood and guts isn't a foreign concept to them.  The guests are their old boyfriends.  These jocks show up right away and because Amy and Dawn are the only two females present, both of them get very busy catching up on old times, shall we say.  Amy's primary main-squeeze is Eric (Mike Jacobs, Jr.) who is in the band "The Chainsaws." Eric tells the guests about the 1986 Van Halen Tour when his band opened.  This is a heartwarming tale which ends with Eric bragging "....I thought my dick would fall off."
As Amy and Dawn go through their testosterone-laden guests in very intimate fashion, a killer does the same in gory splendor.  A sledge hammer, shotgun, big knife, and a broken wine bottle are just some of the killer's weapons of choice.  Will Amy and Dawn get through all of the the guests before they are butchered?  Will our two heroines be next for our slasher?  Will this massacre influence upcoming albums of The Chainsaws?  This is a fun movie, and both Quigley and Russell are great to look at.  For those of you who love the 1980 slasher film, don't miss this one.  

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