Friday, February 7, 2014

Nighbeast, The Perky and Sensual Deputy Lisa Saves Earth

Maryland filmmaker Don Dohler's films are usually set in and near Baltimore.  My two favorites are "Harvesters" and 1982's "Nightbeast."  Having lived in Maryland from 1990 to 2005, his work has always interested me. In this horror-scifi tale, the gore and kills are maximized and we are introduced to a very visually pleasing heroine, the Perky and Sensual Deputy Lisa (Karin Kardian, who appears in her one and only film).  For low budget, the creature effects are superb.
The plot: A spaceship crashes into the woods in residential Baltimore.  A beastly ET walks away from the crash and over a seven minute span vaporizes three redneck hunters, disembowels a grouchy Uncle Dave, disintegrates Dave's niece and nephew, and disembowels two young lovers.  The Sheriff mobilizes his men and a posse, and even wakes the Perky and Sensual Deputy Lisa from her beauty sleep and together they track this fiend.  The hunting party is a dismal failure, as the ticked off alien wastes most of it.  Within 15 minutes into the movie the death count reaches 16.  A subplot concerns the Misogynist Biker Drago.  His antics serve to distract the Sheriff and the Perky and Sensual Deputy Lisa.  The Misogynist Biker Drago is in four scenes (1. He insults the Sheriff, 2. He brutally attacks his hot girlfriend, 3. He returns and strangles that same girlfriend to death, and 4. He disarms and inflicts an elongated and brutal beat down of the Perky and Sensual Deputy Lisa- see picture below).  Eventually the Sheriff blows him away.
 The Sheriff and the Perky and Sensual Deputy Lisa manage to evacuate most of the town and in doing so meet up with the fiend.  The Sheriff is injured in their escape with a wound rather near his groin.  Fortunately for him, the Perky and Sensual Deputy Lisa is up on first-aid and brings him to her bedroom to dress the wound (see picture below).  The Perky and Sensual Deputy Lisa takes this same opportunity to get undressed, take a shower, and participate in a rather long love scene with the Sheriff.  This scene is longer than the scenes in which the first 16 victims were ripped apart in.  With the town residents either evacuated or turned into lasagna, the Sheriff, the Perky and Sensual Deputy Lisa, a few volunteers, and a husband/wife doctor team plot the destruction of the unfriendly visitor.
    Will the Perky and Sensual Deputy Lisa save the world...and earn a promotion from her boss?  Will the Sheriff's wound require more care from the Perky and Sensual Deputy Lisa?  The ending of this movie, heavily influenced by 1951's "The Thing From Another World," is loud and exciting.  This movie goes out with bangs, explosions, and fireworks (literal and figurative).


  1. Quite sure I felt a tingle for the Perky and Sensual Deputy Lisa.

  2. Love your style and now want to see the movie. I had been reading up on your blog when I realized you had one but then life got in the way. Need to continue reading :)

  3. I can't believe John Waters doesn't do a cameo in a fellow Baltimorean filmmakers movie. This seems like his style. I worked in Baltimore for years & grew up in York which is like a bedroom community. How did I miss this? Sounds like fun. Solid review!

  4. This is b grade to the bone, it has a certain melody, interesting that the love scene goes longer than the killing spree, another gem showcased -- though most main stream movie fans would prefer that gem to gather fungus under a mushroom, thanks for picking it and cleaning it up for us die hard weirdos.