Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bounty Hunters, ...And in This Corner..Trish Stratus..

I wasn't a big wrestling fan before I saw this film...but now, I just may give it a chance.  2011's "Bounty Hunters" (aka "Bail Enforcers") is a terrific straight-to-DVD flick with great characters and good acting.  Trish Stratus (WWE Hall of Fame) is terrific as Jules, but her co-stars are also fabulous (Frank J. Supancic as Ridley, and Boomer Phillips as Chase, play her two partners).  These three play the good guys, but Andrea James Lui, as Ruby the sexy Asian assassin (and assistant Director) almost steals the show.
The plot:  The movie begins with our three bounty hunters doing what they get paid to do.  Trish Stratus showcases her wrestling skills very nicely in these apprehensions, even overpowering a gym rat over twice her size.  She is a loving mom and also a cocktail waitress at a strip-joint, part-time.  Ridley is her boyfriend, and boss of Bail Enforcement Agency, and in his spare time he gives free karate lessons to under privileged kids.  Chase is a good soul from a family of cops, but a hockey injury dashed his hopes of ever joining the force.  While bringing a capture to jail, the criminal turns them onto a million dollar score.  Our trio then captures this guy in an Asian brothel in a very entertaining scene.  Bad news, a mob boss named Hal can't have this guy go to jail because if he does, Hal fears he will tell the feds all about his operation.  Hal then sends his assassins to kill the trio before they deliver their prize to jail.
The first assassin (a suave psycho) fails, but Hal dispatches Ruby (see above picture) and her partner.  Ruby is bad -a**, and impersonates a cop, and then a nurse.  She succeeds in abducting Jules, but not before a  totally epic cat-fight which starts in an ambulance and ends, a long time later, in an abandoned warehouse.  Now holding Jules hostage, Chase and Boomer must go save her.  Unfortunately, Hal is waiting for them...with Ruby.
The ending is action-packed and we are treated to another epic cat-fight between Ruby and Jules.  Stratus' talents in the ring are used brilliantly in her role as a bounty hunter.  The three protagonists play off each other well, and Lui is wonderful as a sensual, but deadly, assassin.  Next time you go to a movie night at a friend's home, bring this DVD with you.  Otherwise, you might get stuck watching "Dances With (gag me with a spoon) Wolves." 

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  1. Any movie with a Sexy Asian Assassin *and* cat fights just has to be good