Sunday, May 23, 2021

Blood Trap, Junkie Vampire vs. The Stupid

Fool proof plan. Easy! In and out and no heavy lifting. Yep...the stupid always have a fool proof plan. Society may try to prop up the stupid but Darwinism suggests it won't work. Throw in a vampire babe addicted to heroin and so much more than a stupid plan can go south fast. Today we take a look at 2015's "Blood Trap" (aka "Bite"). Filmed in Rome and sporting some nice cheese and beef, and a lot of gore and shocking moments, this quirky vampire tale was directed by Alberto Sciamma.
Roman (Costas Mandylor) puts a gang of idots together for an easy score. The plan? Easy in and easy out. They will invade a mansion and abduct Nika (Elena Mirela) and hold her for $40 million ransom. They get in... We first meet our heroin addict Nika taking a bath. She'll be yanked out of the tub by our idiots and placed in a garment bag. Uh oh...sunrise approaches and all the doors and windows shut and way in or out...and no sunlight. Nika isn't helpful to the gang which include John (Vinnie Jones), two lesbian beauties (Grazia Leone and Denny Mendez), a psycho Alec (Drew Kenney) and 2nd in command Boria (Gianni Capaldi). They work Nika over in the garment bag and then realize she escaped and in fact...they pummeled one of their own babes. Now Nika searches for heroin. John is the first casualty and now the gang is furious.
Nika, as it turns out is a vampire with a bad addiction. Roman tries to blow up the front no avail. Now Nika hunts her would be abductors. One of the babes, Zita (Leone) is going down hill fast as Nika has bitten her. The kills will be gory and Alec will discover a shocking surprise. Hidden away in a room off Nika's master bedroom is...well, you'll see. The shocking surprise is also a dangerous hurdle for our idiotic gang. More gory surprises are discovered and gory fates begin whittling down the gang.
Does our over matched gang stand a chance of seeing sunlight again? What surprise does Alec discover and why will it provide a scene right out of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"? Is heroin addiction a bigger killer to vampires than opiods or sunlight? This is a quirky one and will remind you of a Guy Ritchie film. For a fast paced shocker with allure and gore, enjoy "Blood Trap."


  1. I hear vamps don't like garlic either!!

  2. Come on now, Just to gawk at Vinnie Jones as well as Costas Mandylor is a "10" in itself.Plus I live for violence,,gory violence and death at that!!!!! Yayyyyyy show me more, show me more beef-cake to go with my violent and gory,painful deaths. If only. if only....Leaves ya quessing ha??? I wish I could share my real deal but ya know "Big Brother" is always monitoring ALL things online too bad youse would enjoy past adventures of, lol....