Monday, May 4, 2020

Inmate Zero, Women's Prison Zombie Massacre

Before you get too excited I should tell you there is no eroticism in this film. With that out of the way we do have buckets of blood, carnage galore, and many gratuitous deaths. A dystopian tale about a zombie-type virus that besets a prison is our fare today. 2020's "Inmate Zero" is a heartwarming tale chronicling the events when the worst of the worst are beset by the worst of the worst.
Stone (Jess Chanliau) is a death-row inmate in a futuristic prison located on an island off Ireland. 256 other inmates, all destined for the chair, are also there. Uh oh, Dr. Brooks (Philip McGinley) has an offer for her. The offer? Volunteer for clinical trials of a new drug that cures cancer and have the death sentence commuted to life. Stone refuses but not fast enough. Other prisoners agree...bad move. Drugs that cure cancer never turn out well in these films. Now the test subjects die horribly and...come back. Once back they spread the infection and try to eat the living. Imagine that.
The ghoulish and fast moving zombies keep increasing as the inmate population decreases.
All hell breaks loose and the deadly prisoners all get out of their cells. The few survivors now must battle psycho women inmates and infected ghouls. As Stone, a former Special Forces killer, tries to keep the small band of survivors together, corrupt guards led by Woodhouse (Raymond Bethley) undermine her. Now a war breaks out in the survivor ranks and severed limbs and infection will be thrown at us. Uh oh...the island's small population is also infected and citizen zombies are also invading the prison. Even worse, there is doubt that the main land authorities will send help.
Will Stone and fellow survivors survive the infection and zombies and make it off the island? Just what were the schmuck inmates, who volunteered for the clinical trials, injected with? Are you now developing your own survival plan for when the government knocks on your door with a vaccine for the current virus? Choose wisely. Not the feel good women's prison movie of 2020 but the gore and carnage are worth sitting through this. As zombie films have becoming annoying and preachy of late, "Inmate Zero" is action packed and crisp. Directed by Russell Owen, "Inmate Zero" is a lot of fun...and maybe a little too pertinent to our current predicament.

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  1. great review, good to see a pair of breasts and wet knickers aren't around to detract from the bigger issues facing us today!