Monday, October 23, 2017

The Burning Dead, Lava Oozing Zombies

Okay, our film today has received a 2.2/10 rating on IMDB.  Perfect for this blog. How can a film containing lava spewing zombies, a volcano that spits out those zombies, and lots of intestine and internal organ dismemberment be bad?  Oh yes, it also has Danny Trejo!  Directed by Rene Perez, let us take a look at the much maligned "The Burning Dead."
The soon to be eaten nude blogger
As the film begins it is 1846 and cannibals (...or zombies) are finishing off the Donner Party. A volcano erupts swallowing all the zombies in a river of lava. Fast forward to today, a volcano is about to erupt and a California mountain town needs to be evacuated. The handsome, and newly single Sheriff Denton (Thomas Downey) comes to help the single mom Mindy (Moniqua Plante) box up her belongings, The two are sweet on each other. The volcano erupts spewing out lava-oozing zombies. Our first victim will be a young damsel (Jenny Lin) who is in the mountains snapping nude pictures of herself. She'll be eaten in an elongated scene in which we see the nude blog-model's internal organs eaten. As more lava-spewing fiends are ejected from the volcano, Denton races back up the mountain to rescue his new GF Mindy and her daughter Nicole (Nicole Roberts).
The Donner Pass horror
Now trapped up the mountain, the zombies converge on our survivors which also include Nicole's beau, grandfather Old Ben (Robert F. Lyons), and a sultry geologist Eve (Julie Lehman). They'll be attacked and soon find out that head-shots don't work on these walkers. As they flee from these monsters, we are given a clue as to how the living may prevail. An old Cherokee called Night Wolf (Danny Trejo) knows about the Curse of Donner Pass, and perhaps how to break it.
Lava spitting fiend
Will Night Wolf be able to end this reign of terror? Will the Sheriff and Mindy be able to swap some spit with Nicole and her boy toy nearby? Will we get to see the pictures of the nude blogger before she was eaten, or will the lava claim that treasure forever?  Cannibals, zombies, and Danny Trejo! Sure, the elite film critics may give this a 2.2/10 rating, but fans of this blog know better. Enjoy 2015's "The Burning Dead."


  1. Good review, Christopher! Looks like a movie I will have to take in.

  2. Nice review Christopher, I seen this one but I gotta say, I'm hard pressed to remember a thing about it & see I rated it 3/10 on IMDB, so I guess that's not a good sign, considering I actually like trash cinema & consider the likes of Bruno Mattei a minor God. :D

    I probably won't revisit this either as my rewatch list is getting as long as my to-see list lol. Very nice review as always you just have more staying power than me! :(

  3. Man - this may be along the lines of MONSTURD...

  4. A 2.2 IMDB rating makes for great B-movie horror. I rarely watch anything over a 4 lol Thanks for the review Christopher \m/

  5. Nice! Will have to check it out!

  6. How could one NOT want to see this flick after that review?! Where can I find it streaming?

  7. Anything with Danny Trejo in it has to be fantastic!!