Saturday, July 1, 2017

Something is Creeping in the Dark, Orgies and Seances

The sultry vixen prances in circles around an all white room as the breeze pushes her thin, white gown against her body. She wants sex with the carnal beast of a man who has entered. He lustfully examines her dance and he himself dances in circles, following her around this white chamber. She teases and flirts but he catches the babe and slaps her silly. She likes it and continues to tease and dance...again he catches her.  Both yearning for sex he begins to slap her again, but this time she repeatedly plunges a dagger into his belly as his blood spatters all the walls. Instead of yelping in pain he laughs hysterically, mocking her as she continues to plunge the edged weapon into his gut.  The white vixen is now humiliated. If that scene appeals to you, I give you another Italian horror film, 1971's "Something is Creeping in the Dark."
Sylvia and Spike's death dance
Sheila Marlow, a bisexual satanist, into the occult and various other black arts, died a year ago. Her mansion is tended to by pseudo-hippy Joe( Gianni Medici), a free-love sort and his paramour (Giulia Revai). On a stormy night assorted weirdos seek refuge from floods at this mansion, but Joe is not hospitable. No matter, a detective with a gun orders him to allow entry and he brings in his homicidal prisoner, Spike (Farley Granger). Also arriving is the nymphomaniac Sylvia (Lucia Bose) and her dull husband Donald (Giacomo Rossi Stuart), Dr. Williams (Stelvio Rosi) and his nubile but prudish secretary Susan (Mia Genberg)...and a few more. Everyone is bickering and tense so Sylvia suggests an orgy (...I guess she isn't into Pictionary). Despite her sultry looks, no one takes her up on it. Her next suggestion finds some takers...a seance to chat with the dead bisexual satanic beauty. Great, nothing can possibly go wrong.
Anyone for an orgy?
Of course Sheila's spirit comes back and starts possessing people. At one point Sylvia approaches the prudish Susan and inspects her lingerie. Then Susan is possessed and she seduces the doctor as they have some wild sex. Then the possessions turn violent and people begin to assume room temperature. As Sylvia fantasizes about sex with Spike, her husband gets jealous and he himself then gets possessed. More death and violence as our two vixens may either be in great danger or the cause of the peril.
Susan seduces the doctor
Made in Italy and high in eroticism and violence, "Something is Creeping in the Dark" will satisfy fans of horror from Italy. Will the ghost of Sheila either have sex with everyone in the house or kill them all?  Is Sylvia's desire for rough sex with a homicidal maniac more of a threat to her than the ghost of the satanist bisexual? If Trivial Pursuit had been invented in the early 1970s, would all of this carnage have been avoided?  Erotic and chilling, enjoy "Something is Creeping in the Dark."


  1. Whenever I find myself in an uncomfortable social situation, an orgy is a great icebreaker. Of course, we have a free love guy, it is Europe in the 70s. Isn't that mandatory? Good review, Christopher.

  2. sounds like real fun.... they might have had an interesting go at Twister... but for movies like this a seance always works best.... ^_^
    Enjoyed that, will have to seek out this flick!