Saturday, March 7, 2015

Survivor, Space Babe Saves Humanity

Kate Mitra (Danielle Chuchran) is the heroine of 2014's "Survivor."  Perhaps this character is a hybrid of portrayals by Kate Beckinsale and Rhona Mitra.  The Kate in "Survivor" manifests many of the qualities of Ms. Beckinsale's Selena, and Ms. Mitra's Eden Sinclair.  A younger version of these actresses, Ms. Chuchran, in "Survivor,' sets a record for working off the most calories of any action character.  Disposing of enemy mutants, rock climbing, sprinting through the wilderness, or falling from space, Kate Mitra is an action hero who never rests.  Though only in her early 20s, Ms. Chuchran is not a newcomer to acting.  If "Xena: Warrior Princess" ever gets a redo, this young actress would be perfect for the title role.  Now, let's look at "Survivor."
Many years into the future, Earth becomes uninhabitable.  Space ships carrying humans jettison to the far reaches of the universe.  Aboard the Columbus 7 are some really nice looking young warriors to be, captained by Kevin Sorbo.  Kate has just turned 21, and trains nonstop with her friends, which include the pretty Haley (Melanie Stone), Weston (Blake Webb), and Anne (Abigail Mason).  One day, they find what might be a habitable planet, and these peeps take a shuttle down to it to explore.  Uh oh!  They crash land and are separated.  Kate lands in a lake and swims to shore.  She finds her friends, and fellow space babe, Anne, dies in her arms. Then violent natives attack and abduct the peeps, except Kate escapes.  Now Kate attempts to find Kevin Sorbo, and eventually rescue her friends.

As she gets closer to Kevin Sorbo, she is constantly warding off attacks from xenophobic natives, monstrous mutants, and an occasional monster.  Her prowess with blades, rocks, and bows and arrows is too much for her tormentors, and our pretty protagonist gets nearer to the completion of her quest.  Finding some unexpected allies, Kate realizes that she will have to enter the lair of the mutants in order to save her friends from being part of a buffet.  If successful, she will enable the human race to survive on this new planet.
Ms. Chuchran is captivating as the unlikely savior of mankind.  Kevin Sorbo and the other young actors are also terrific.  Will Kate Mitra live up to her hybrid name?  Will the xenophobic natives of this mysterious planet adopt a more diverse outlook to the earthlings?  As energetic as her performance is, Ms. Chuchran must also play the dramatic, as two of her BFFs die in her arms.  If you miss "Xena" and "Hercules," the DVD to "Survivor" is reasonably priced on

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  1. Bows and arrows & rock climbing with mutants! How did I miss this crazy fest!?