Monday, July 30, 2018

Honeymoon Horror, Brides and Grooms Shredded

A classic slasher plot device...hunks and babes having pre-marital sex and then get pureed by a maniac. Today's feature from 1982, "Honeymoon Horror," goes in a different direction. Our victims are still babes and hunks, but these victims will have engaged in intimate relations with the benefit of clergy (marital sex). Fear not, even among the marital class, gratuitous shower scenes and the proclivity of a babe to take an axe in the head are still present.  Directed by Harry Preston and filmed in Grapevine, Texas, let us delve into "Honeymoon Horror," a quirky and awkward horror film.
Elaine (Cheryl Black) is a beautiful but unfaithful wife. She lives isolated on an island with her husband Frank. One day Elaine sneaks into Vic (Bob Wagner) the maintenance guy's shack and begins to have extra-marital sex with him. Uh oh...Frank catches them and tries to kill Vic. Elaine, the vixen she is, then kills Frank. A fire ensues and she gets away with murder. Elaine and Vic then wed, have lots of marital sex, and lots of arguments. The homicidal duo open the island as a honeymoon haven and rent cabins out to recently married sorority girl newlyweds. Then the murders continue. When three sorority babes, Kelly, Robin,  and Jill (Jillian Raye) show up to decorate their sorority sisters' honeymoon cabins, they are all chopped to pieces by an unknown fiend.
With the trio of corpses out of sight, the three couples arrive. Three hunks and their babes. Someone or something in the nearby woods watches them. As the three couples engage in wedding night sex, Vic and Elaine now have marital relations. Linda (Leslie McKinley) will be the first bride to die horribly as she will be axed to pieces during a gratuitous shower scene. Clad in lingerie the remaining brides will be put in much peril as their clueless grooms will watch helplessly. Our fiend is quite adept with an axe and eventually the grooms will find the remains of Kelly, Robin, and the newlywed vixens are alone in the main house with Elaine...and that is just where our monster heads.
Oh yes...I should mention the sheriff (Bill Pecchi). This guy provides some of the most awkward moments in law enforcement history. When this fat old guy starts thinking about skinny-dipping, you will yell at your TV "Nooooooo!!!!!" Just who is the maniac in the woods hunting down lingerie clad brides? Will Elaine pay for her murderous ways with an axe to the head? Might this film be used to advocate a movement back to pre-marital sex in film?  Gratuitous and gory with lots of lingerie clad damsels in much peril highlight "Honeymoon Horror." For some 1980s VHS quality fun, and guilty pleasure, see this slasher film and fast-forward through the scenes with the creepy sheriff.

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