Saturday, July 7, 2018

KiLLR, Bang Bang You're Dead

Oh so sweet. Young love. They say they love each other, but the look in their eyes tells us they are too young to know what real love is. Too late, a mistake was made and she (Davia Blair) is pregnant. No matter, he (Zorey Anderson) will do what's right and make it work. The look of tenderness and responsibility in his eyes suggest that he just may make it work. Now a little one on the way, our thoughtful boyfriend is becoming a man. BANG BANG!!! They're all dead...the boyfriend, girlfriend...and unborn baby...triple homicide. Hence s short (16 minutes) crime thriller from Joseph Sorrentino, Jr. and Lisa Sorrentino.
The killings continue, all without warning. The victims never saw it coming. A shot to the head and a life ended. No motive, no connection of the victims, just an apparent random string of killings. Suspects? To the frustration of the sheriff (David R. Clayton), there are none. Whoever is doing these murders is in control. We'll meet John (Shawn Shillingford) and his very sweet main squeeze, Becky (Searra Sawka). Becky is very attractive and every man's dream. Uh oh, will this spell her doom? As John worries about the sudden rise in homicides in his neighborhood, he wonders if he needs to move in order to keep him and Becky safe. With no opposition from law enforcement, or the beset community, our unknown killer will force the issue and John and Becky will no longer have the luxury of being bystanders in the most vicious crime story to hit Pennsylvania.
Who is our homicidal maniac? Is Becky too beautiful to die? Will anyone survive this 16 minute short? The identity of the killer is, of course, an important part of this story, but not the central theme. You'll come away from "KiLLR" scared at the potential hold true evil can have on our lives. We see in this Joseph Sorrentino, Jr. film that if evil decides, it can rule to roost as long as it desires. No one is safe, and perhaps that is a story we've all seen play out in our own communities time and time again. For more information about this short, click on below listed links:
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  1. What a great review with such detail for a 16 min short. Thank you Christopher, it's truly appreciated!

  2. Good work, just as good as your reviews for longer films, great to help out little indy productions, who one day might be big production houses, bravo mate