Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Alien Factor 2: The Alien Rampage, Oriole Fans Die Horribly

The best movie maker to come out of Maryland has to be Don Dohler. With low budgets and a style similar to Roger Corman, Mr. Dohler has given us some great horror/science fiction epics. Some of you may remember  Nightbeast , which was reviewed on this blog in 2014, and 2001's "Alien Factor 2: The Alien Rampage" is the same type of film. With a local, but great looking cast, and lots of on location shooting (Havre de Grace, Maryland), this film will terrify Oriole fans everywhere, as they will all be killed by a dinosaur type creature with a laser.
FBI agents chase an alien (LauraLee O'Shell) who has just stolen a bunch of Uranium. They catch up to her, mortally wound her and reclaim the Uranium. Meanwhile in a sleepy Maryland town, where nothing is going on, the sultry Sheriff  Allison Smith (Donna Sherman) calls the bikini clad Deputy Julie (Shannon Bucci) back to work. Though nothing is going on yet, now we have two great looking cops in the film. Needing the Uranium to power the spaceship it arrived on, a dinosaur creature sets out to reclaim it. The alien ship, secreted in the woods, imposes some electronic force-field around town placing it in a time warp or black hole (...just go with that).
Now the attack begins. In searching for the Uranium, the beast attacks a biker gang, and sets its sight on town. Completely cut off from the rest of the world, Sheriff Allison orders all the townspeople to a local watering hole where they can watch the Orioles and drink beer. The unhappy creature then takes out a diner full of people, and our cops and a pair of newlyweds, David (Jonas Grey) and Lisa (Jaime Kalman) join the plot. David is a demolitions expert and will be utilized by Sheriff Allison in her plan to destroy the alien threat. Lisa? She's really good looking and screams well, and has a neat sun dress. Seemingly unstoppable, the nubile Sheriff Allison and Deputy Julie (no longer clad in a bikini) grab David and a bomb and head into the woods to find the ship. Meanwhile Lisa and another deputy wait in town not knowing the fiend is headed their way.
Will the statuesque Sheriff Allison and shapely Deputy Julie be able to save Maryland? Will the very perky and affectionate Lisa add anything to the plot other than her looks? Will the aliens decide to abduct any of the Marylanders for probing or breeding? The IMDB ratings of this film are awful, which is unfair as this is a far superior film than Spielberg's "Ready Player One." For some fun, especially if you are not an Oriole fan, enjoy "Alien Factor 2: The Alien Rampage."

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  1. This movie has it all, it mainlines into the beliefs of many North Americans - I'm including Canadians here -- and having a few bikini scenes and a screamer in neat summer dress, what more do you need, perhaps a bar stocked with Buddweiser, a good observing base for watching the gals save the day by blowing up it's unwelcome guest. I'd only put a disciaimer in this review ,that it's only fiction!