Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Metamorphosis, Emanuelle Gets Pummeled

Laura Gemser is an Indonesian actress that exudes allure and beauty with every movement and gesture. Cast as 'Emanuelle' in several films she was lusted after by some very manly hunks and extremely exotic babes. Usually her proclivity to have pre-marital sex served her well and exemplified her strength and dominance. There was a flip side, unfortunately. Many times she was brutally raped, whether it be by brutes or lesbian prison guards, and left in shambles. Not to fear, she always rebounded and turned the tables on her tormentors. Hence 1990's "Metamorphosis." In this film, Ms. Gemser will get the pounding of her life at the hands of a hunk genetics professor turned mad-scientist monster.
Dr. Peter Houseman (Gene LeBrock) is a hunk geneticist and a professor. He is on the verge of inventing a serum that reverses the aging process and cures death. Uh oh, the university and their funding agencies shut down Peter's funds. Sally (Catherine Baranov) is the sultry official that decided to end Peter's funding. Sally will then fall in love with Peter and have a lot of pre-marital sex with him...I guess she doesn't have anything to do with the Ethics Department. No worries, Peter is handsome and his student Patricia (Anna Colona) also tries to have pre-marital sex with him. To prove his experiment worthy of continued funding, Peter does what many of us have done, injects himself with his own serum...of course that always goes well, right?
The results? With the serum running through is bloodstream, Peter heads to a hotel room for a rendezvous with Emanuelle (Gesmer). She will try to seduce but as she takes her clothes off, Peter begins his metamorphosis into a fiend. Emanuelle will be pummeled and bloodied. Next, with no memory of the attack, Peter goes to visit Sally and the two will have gratuitous pre-marital sex while Sally's little boy is neglected in the next room. As Peter's transformation continues, his nubile student Patricia is next up. Poor Patricia, she will no longer be pretty...or alive after Peter gets done with her. Despite all this, the skank...excuse me...accrediting official Sally will fall further in love with him. Now Peter's transition gets more horrific and the body count will explode.
What will Peter be when the metamorphosis is complete? Will Emanuelle survive the massive beating and humiliation by the mad-scientist? Will Sally's proclivity for sex with monsters negatively affect her five year old son? At the time this film was released Laura Gemser would become a widow and leave acting to become a costume designer full time. Her plight in this horror film lacked any of the glamour of her 'Emanuelle' films. Directed by George Eastman and shot in Norfolk, Virginia, "Metamorphosis" is a routine horror film that just happens to have Emanuelle in it as a alluring damsel in much distress. 

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Christopher never heard of this one & the fact that Eastman directed it immediately sells it to me, even if routine. Very nice review mate & thanks again will definitely check this one out