Friday, July 20, 2018

Ticks, At Risk Youths At Risk

Some film roles just scream out for certain actors. Is there anyone more perfect for "Dirty Harry" than Clint Eastwood? Or how about Bela Lugosi as "Dracula"? Yep...and for Clint Howard? Nope, not a king, or a superhero, but a mad-scientist/marijuana farmer! The role of a actor's dream! This beats Vivien Leigh's 'Scarlett O'Hara.' In 1993's "Ticks," Clint Howard's mad scientist will start a chain of events that will serve as filmdom's best advocacy against marijuana.
Jarvis (Howard) is adding his own herbal steroid to his marijuana crop. Bad news, some of this gooey stuff leaks into the ground and is consumed by breeding ticks. You guessed it, the tick begin growing. Enter the perky Holly (Rosalind Allen) and her group of at risk youths. Holly brings at risk kids into the wilderness to teach them teamwork, morals, and other noble stuff. Holly also brings her main squeeze, Charles (Peter Scolari) for some pre-marital sex. The youths all have heartbreaking stories and agoraphobic Tyler (Seth Green) seems to be the one we care most about. Immediately the ticks find the kids like ticks find a dog...wait...never mind.  After Charles' daughter Melissa (Virginya Keehne) is attacked by one of these buggers, Tyler saves her. Her dad ignores her because he is merely interested in pre-marital sex with Holly.
Okay, more bad news. Jarvis steps in his own bear-trap (don't ask) and laying helpless on his laboratory floor is infested with giant ticks. Now one of the campers is also infected. On cue, some menacing pot farmers introduce themselves to the group and they are very threatening. These blokes kill the sheriff and aim to do the same to the invading youths and Holly. Their wrath will be interrupted as thousands of fist sized ticks converge and desire to get under everyone's skin. For the first time in his young life, Tyler steps up to be the hero as Holly and Charles are pretty incompetent and more interested in pre-marital sex. The little buggers that invade cause some very gory deaths and the fate of Jarvis will be most horrific. Oh yes, not all the monsters are fist-sized, there is one gargantuan creep that will come to life in a very grotesque scene.
Can the at risk youth in this film 'just say no' to the monster ticks? Will the heroic, but very youthful Tyler have what it takes to defeat thousands of monsters and save his new at risk pals...and the sex crazed Holly and Charles? Is it true that Clint Howard beat out Robert DeNiro for the role of Jarvis the mad-scientist in this feature? There are some great, horrific icky-creature scenes in "Ticks," and pay special attention to the scene with the visit to the veterinarian. Directed by Tony Randel, "Ticks" will get under your skin.

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  1. I"m hoping the dope grower gets some ticks under his ball sack, even a shorn off shot gun aint gunna save him. Ever see the giant tick in Land of the Lost, one of the best tick scenes I've seen!