Friday, October 23, 2020

Who's Watching Oliver, Serial Killer with Mommy Issues

Nothing like bringing a sultry whore home, raping her, and then chopping her up into little pieces...if you're a serial killer, that is. Norman Bates in "Psycho" introduced us to a serial killer with mommy issues, but in today's high tech age, it may be easier for the psycho perverts to bring mommy along for the kills. Hence 2017's "Who's Watching Oliver," directed by Richie Moore. 

The killer may do the raping and carving up, but mommy is there yelling at the beautiful Asian whore in order to make her murder a most humiliating affair. In this twisted tale, Oliver (Russell Geoffrey Banks) has been sent to Bangkok by his mommy (Margaret Roche). Why? To kill filthy hussies...those damn whores! The big guy, who appears mentally challenged, prowls the nightclubs in Bangkok and finds prostitutes to bring home. Once back at his apartment, he gets his mom on the computer (Skype probably) and allows her to watch. This creeps out the women of the night, but when Oliver rapes them, beats them, and guts them while his mom yells, "Die whore...die!" well, that will creep them out more. His mom instructs him on how to rape...from the front or back, all the while yelling at the lady and calling her all sorts of nasty adjectives like "c**t."   

Mommy sends Oliver out to find girls and then enjoys the show when Oliver brings them home. The killings will be quite bloody. Then...yep...Oliver meets a sweet gal, Sophia (Sara Malakul Lane). She is so sweet and the two meet at an amusement park everyday and fall in love. Now Oliver is scared to tell his mom about Sophia as Mama will want him to gut Sophia. Uh oh again...indications are Sophia isn't the most mentally stable lass in Asia. She has issues...and is the product of a weird cult. Now Sophia goes on the offensive and stalks her new boyfriend. A potentially blood-soaked meeting may be brewing between Oliver, mommy, and Sophia. 

How will mommy react when she meets Sara, and will Oliver follow his mommy's instructions at that point? Is Oliver the one in danger, as women from cult's often have issues that can manifest in bloody carnage? Trust me on that one. This is a bloody and misogynistic gore-fest. For a perverted and hyped up version of the Norman Bates story...see "Who's Watching Oliver."

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Criminal Audition, Screen Test for Murder

Criminal justice systems throughout western civilization are increasingly corrupted. Billionaires and malcontents have figured out how to exploit them for their own selfish pursuits. In the name of civil rights, justice, and equality, the regular folks have been pushed aside and ordered not to question the inequality or abuse. These corrupted systems have attracted nefarious players who are adept at manipulating justice and the administration of it. Nefarious players beware! Fairness and justice may, themselves, wield a bloody hammer when attacked and perverted. Today we look at 2019's "Criminal Audition," directed by Samuel Gridley.

Ryan (Luke Kaile) and William (Rich Keeble) operate a firm which...well, stages crime scenes and manipulates the ensuing judicial proceedings. Rich people hire them to provide the criminal, who will be handsomely compensated for time in the slammer. Juries are tampered with so a first degree murder charge will be whittled away to a more manageable manslaughter, etc. As our film begins, three applicants have arrived at an abandoned theater for an audition. The three hopefuls want to be criminals and are willing to spend time in prison for an eventual big payday. Uh oh...someone else arrives at these auditions. A fantastically rich client, Ms. M (Noeleen Comiskey) and her assistant, Morris (Cameron Harris). These two are complete psychos...and will change the rules of the 'audition.'

As Ryan and William attempt to conduct their audition, M and Morris' interference introduce gore and carnage to the process. Now the three hopefuls realize they are auditioning for much more than a job. L (Rebecca Calienda) introduces a curve ball to the whole process. This lovely candidate, with a twisted backstory, catches the attraction of Ryan (who also has a twisted backstory). Torture, bloodshed and twists abound as M and Morris take over the 'casting call.' Betrayal is also added to the plot as we realize more than just the three criminal-hopefuls are in mortal danger.

Just who are these two mysterious clients, M and Morris...and what exactly do they expect their chosen criminal to undertake? Is there any way possible for Ryan's increasing crush on L to end sweetly? Twists abound and justice will be bloody. Agatha Christie would be proud as this horror thriller unfolds like one of her stage dramas...except, there is more blood in this one. For a horrific good time, and a wonderful metaphor for the dangers of a perverted justice system...see "Criminal Audition" (written by Samuel Gridley and Luke Kaile). 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Dead Mine, Horror from Indonesia

The mine might be dead...but not the fiends in it. We haven't done too many films from Indonesia in this blog, but this is a good one. However horrific the horror in an abandoned mine'll get worse...and worse. This modern horror tale of greed and mad-scientists will awaken a horrible time in Asian history...Japan's attempted conquest of Australia and Indonesia. Western horror may focus on Nazi terror, but we should remember, World War 2 was much more than Europe and America. Today we look at 2012's "Dead Mine," directed by Steven Shell.

Warren is on a mission to find a stash of gold hidden by Japanese troops on a remote Indonesian island during the war. With him is his sultry girlfriend, Su-Ling (Carmen Soo). She may appear to be useless to the plot, but she is gorgeous. Also along are an Indonesian army unit headed by Captain Prawa (Ario Bayu). Also there is a babe scientist, Rie (Miki Mizuno) and a commando to head security, Stanley (Sam Hazeldino). The team finds the mine as they come under attack from pirates and have to dive into it to avoid a barrage of gunfire. An explosion seals them in. Uh oh...something is also down mutants.

As the monster mutants beset the survivors, Warren is determined to find the gold. What they do find is that the mine they were in was used by the Japanese during the war to conduct human experimentation on POWs (Australians). The POWs were turned into monster mutants and now prowl the mine. Uh oh again...some of the Japanese officers are still alive 70 years after the war. Uh oh again...something else is still alive and on the prowl. As Warren and Su-Ling keep focused on the gold, commando Stanley and Rie use their heads to try to figure a way out of the mine. Things and fiends are angry and homicidal and many of the party will die horribly. As the secrets of the god-forsaken experiments are revealed, our team realizes what they are up against.

Will Rie and Stanley fall in love and engage in pre-marital sex as the Japanese experiments converge? Will the beautiful Su-Ling be captured by the mutants, who haven't seen a woman in 75 years? Will Warren's greed, or Stanley's heroics prevail as they battle monsters and try to escape? This is a good one and just when you think our team has met their doom...well, it gets worse for them. For a fascinating horror film from Indonesia, see "Dead Mine." 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Hell Hunters, Hitler Spiders and Sultry Nazi Hunters

The sultry Maud Adams! Maud Adams in Rio...frolicking and hunting Nazis! What could be better. So sad, however, as the beautiful die so horribly in some of these movies. If Nazi atrocities don't get your blood boiling...well, it'll boil when they slit Maud Adams' sad. Never fear...we'll have plenty of more nude and skinny dipping Nazi Hunters...and for you gals, some sweaty and swarthy hunk Brazilian Nazi hunters. Hence we have 1987's "Hell Hunters" (aka "Rage to Kill") directed by Ernst Ritter von Theummer.

Fleeing Germany after the war, Nazi Martin (Stewart Granger) builds a medical compound in the jungle in Paraguay. He has perfected a serum from a weird spider. This serum will turn whole cities into Nazis if introduced in their water supplies...just go with it. Amanda (Adams) is a Nazi hunter and is onto Martin. Uh oh...Martin is a step ahead and has Amanda's throat cut. Amanda's cohorts are Tonio (Romulo Arantes)...he's a hunk, sweats a lot, and yells at people. Coupled with Tonio is the well built and tanned Nelia (Nelia J. Cozza). She likes firing machine guns, throwing grenades and has a deep fixation on the male sex organ...really. She'll be accosted and stripped a lot by Nazis, but she may actually like that.

Amanda's daughter, Ally (Candice Daly) comes to Rio for her mom's funeral. She's a blonde babe and will unwittingly get involved with the surviving Nazi hunters. Now Tonio reluctantly partners with her. After some initial bickering, the two will skinny dip and have passionate pre-marital sex. Nelia on the other hand will be pawed and stripped by attacking Nazis. Now Nelia, Tonio, and Ally recruit a husky American named Kong (Russ McCubbin). He'll also have sex with'll see. The four make their way up river for an assault on Martin's compound. This won't be easy...Martin's Nazis are waiting fore them and several want to rape Nelia.

As Ally and Tonio get close, in a carnal sense, will Nelia engage her in a catfight? If the spider serum is dumped into Los Angeles' water supply, will anyone notice? What will happen to the Bloods and Crips if they turn Nazi? This is an ambitious one with a lot of explosions, nudity, pre-marital sex, and skinny dipping. For some South American Nazi intrigue, see "Hell Hunters."  

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Lung II, Maniac Studied

Rejection...Betrayal...Humiliation...Hopelessness...Perversion...Decay...Anger...Lost...what makes a man lose it. By losing it, I mean going totally psycho. A homicidal maniac has help. Even if he is wired at birth to be a lunatic, still, there are social and personal barriers that keep him from acting out. As the once great cities around us decay and turn morose, and human contact grows weird and tortured...this Phil Stevens film may offer an answer to the aforementioned question. 2016's "Lungs II" is the second film of Mr. Stevens' trilogy...though it will turn many off, real horror fans might see its brilliance.

Something awful has just occurred. Many people have been murdered...picked apart, and partially eaten. The rampage will continue. Black and white images show us what we need to know...though Mr. Stevens manipulates how we see it and understand it by shuffling the order a bit. Fear the end credits, you'll understand. The crimes were vicious and beg many questions. Who did this? We see the homicidal lunatic and follow him through his trek into further evil. Exactly who he is is slowly revealed to us and the random words in the above paragraph will be relevant.

Our fiend (Stevens) isn't alone. Something or someone dwells inside him. References are made to some sexual perversion and heavy treatment (psychological). This cocktail seemed to fuel the fire, unfortunately. Now our lunatic takes us into a journey of brutality and hatred. Pay attention, the lunatic does more than kill...look really close for more hints from him as to what has unfolded. When the unbalanced are humiliated...well, you'll see. Perhaps our lunatic here shouldn't be considered a victim, or perhaps the whole point here is to show what will be bred if our societal norms and behaviors decay just as our cities and surroundings.

David Lynch fans may get a glimpse here of what kind of films he'd be making today if he didn't hit it big with "Twin Peaks." Dark and without humor, "Lung II" will jolt you, unless you have a weak stomach...then you won't make it to the end. For pure horror with no feel good plot devices, and steep societal warnings, see "Lung II."

To watch this film on YouTube click this link Lung II on YouTube

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Vlog Worthy, Influencer-Snuff might have 100,000 hits on their latest Vlog. Yep, maybe a million subscribers. Oh, sure...make-up companies or jewelry companies might make you an official spokesperson. Still...who cares? In your own mind you believe you really have the ability to influence. What you really have is a pretty face and the ability to be tortured and humiliated. Hence 2017's "Vlog Worthy," directed by Benjamin Shea.
As our film begins, an underwear clad babe (Veronica Reed) is bound and being tortured and murdered with razor-blades. This murder is being filmed and uploaded by a masked psycho, Melissa (Katalin Otter). Meanwhile, an aspiring actress, Des (Kassandra Escandell) is getting no leads. She is trying to prop up her Vlog which sells her homemade jewelry. By chance, she meets Melissa who purports to be a digital marketing consultant. Melissa tells Des that she can help her increase her Vlog traffic, sales, and exposure. Des bites...bad move. Immediately Melissa puts eroticism into the Vlog. Des hesitantly agrees to bikini, undergarment, and other alluring content. The traffic increases and Melissa takes charge.
With a stun gun and other torture techniques, Des is subject to carnage. Melissa forces Des to do her own piercings and break up with her boyfriend. Now Melissa turns the Vlog into torture porn and invites her buddy Josh (Amery Thao) to do the technical side of it. As you might guess, Des' Vlog sees a dramatic increase in hits and subscribers. With Melissa, seemingly, in total control, the Vlog will get bloodier and more humiliating. Uh oh...we find out who Melissa really is and this won't bode well for Des' future.
Does Des have a chance of escape? Does Melissa plan any porn before finishing off her most recent prey? Will the increased online traffic yield increased sales to Des' overpriced monstrosities...I mean jewelry? This mini-torture porn film will get quite bloody and might serve as a great warning to all of you wannabe influencers. For some fresh perspective on Vlogs and influencing, see "Vlog Worthy" (aka "Vlogworthy"). 

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Intrusion: Disconnected, When Victims Turn Psycho

The beautiful Dr. Laura Braden (Tiffany Shepis) has a big problem. If she's right...she could be in mortal danger. Also, if she's wrong, she could be in mortal danger. What unfolds before our eyes in 2020's "Intrusion: Disconnected" (directed by Kyle Cates) is American Giallo...and you know what that means...the beautiful will die so horribly. The body count will approach 10,000 (slight embellishment) and all the murders will dump gallons of blood on us. Still, we pull for the beautiful even if that means enabling a psycho.

Dr. Laura's is Holly's shrink. Holly (Katie Stewart) needs one...but why? We believe, probably because Holly is a babe, that she is recovering and has PTSD issues relating to the murder of all her friends by a psycho. Dr. Laura may know more...and as the movie progresses, we may believe we know more, as well. If you saw the first "Intrusion" film, a stupid telephone prank connects the beautiful Holly to a psychopath. Ray (Lee Haycraft) finds Holly and sets on a twisted path of vengeance that has him slicing up all Holly's friends. As this film begins, Ray apparently rises from the dead and sets out to continue his terror campaign on the nubile lass. 

Holly isn't well. She talks to her dead boyfriend's ghost and shuns Dr. Laura's advice and meds. She's a wreck and can't get the image of Ray and his carnage out of her head. Ray moves in and begins slicing up more of holly's friends. The murders are brutal, bloody, and in some cases taboo. Still, the makers of this film ramp up the horror and go with shock over playful fun. Uh there more going on that meets the eye? Is Holly all there mentally...or is she now a psycho. Guilt, PTSD, and fear propel Holly in the second half of "Intrusion: Disconnected," and we wonder if Holly's family or friends should fear Ray...or Holly. What unfolds in the last 40 minutes will be shocking, gory, and quite twisted. Just like Giallo films from Italy, our nubile and helpless damsel is revealed to be much more than a wallflower.

Will the beautiful Tiffany Shepis survive her latest patient? Will Katie prove to be a heroic 'final girl' or the subject of the next psycho-killer film? Katie Stewart is amazing and the transitions she will have to perform in this film are miraculous. We can see her as a damsel...or something more evil, and this helps out with the mystery that unfolds before us. For a shocking, heartbreaking, and gory slasher film, see "Intrusion: Disconnected." If you are a fan of 1970s Giallo (Italian horror), this is a must see.