Monday, July 9, 2018

The Rage, Hurry Up and Get Out!

Ever wonder what went on in 'The Hive' just after the T-Virus spread? Fans of the original "Resident Evil" film will know what I'm talking about. Now, thanks to writer, producer, and director Joshua Cleave and his Go Pro, we may have the answer. Filmed entirely with a Go Pro and for a budget of about 100 Pounds, we have the nine minute film "The Rage" (2017). I was eager to see this film as the sequel is due out shortly.
Losing keys? Sure. Misplace a wallet? We've all done it and lived. Too much salt in a recipe? The world won't end with this common culinary snafu. A test-tube mishap in a secret bio-chemical lab? Ouch! Nope, that's a mistake one cannot make. When Terry (Noel Ross) has this accident, he'll be turned into a raging, flesh-eating maniac. This misstep will have heavy consequence for fellow scientist Joe (Christian Greenway), as he is in the lab with Terry. Quarantine procedures are put into effect but Joe's desire to live outweighs all standard protocols. Unfortunately for all the other employees of Bio-Energy Corp.,  Joe does survive, gets out of the locked-down facility, and tries to save the world. Of course, our hero isn't the only one to get out of the affected lab, and all Hell will break loose.
Is Joe capable of saving anyone at Bio-Energy Corp? May Joe's hurried escape doom the entire building? Will Terry's metamorphosis repeat  in the other employees? Fast-paced and panic stricken, this Go Pro creation is horrific and exciting. I am eager to see Joshua Cleave's sequel, already titled "The Rage 2." Remember when Alice stepped out of 'The Hive' and into Raccoon City? We'll see what awaits Joe in a sequel that is sure to have a larger budget than the original. 
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The Rage 2 on Twitter Rage 2 Twitter

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