Thursday, July 19, 2018

Literature Review: Crowley's Cult by Andrea Merchak

Eroticism and horror! What a combo! The two go together so well, but very few have matched the two up with any competence. Horror writers get the horror down fine and sometimes they add in a Rated R eroticism. Isn't Rated R enough, after all, we don't want a pornographic horror film? The art here is to have a shocking horror story that oozes out of every pore a heaping amount of allure, graphic sex, seduction, and a carnal pall that covers every page of the work. Hence Andrea Merchak's Crowley's Cult. Remember, the literal translation for orgasm is 'the little death.' Picture a Giallo film on steroids and you will begin to have an idea of this erotic-horror tale.
Okay, the death, destruction, and dismemberment won't be so little in this work. He's a brilliant artist...Zane...and a bi-sexual. Girls win (apparently) as he decides to marry Olivia, a sultry fashion model. Ms. Merchak's description of them seduces her readers and sends them to the showers. Then the weirdness invades big time! A secret invader wants Olivia gone. Is our seductress in mortal danger? The identity of this tormentor is a mystery to Zane but his or her messages get increasingly threatening and eventually Olivia will be assaulted. This sends Zane looking for a safer existence, enter Wes. Uh oh, Wes is also bi-sexual, and yes, he has motives for getting Zane to move into his apartment building. This building is a huge. Gothic, an a perfect setting for a cult filled with satanists who run the world.
Olivia is hesitant to move into this building but Zane is drawn there, seemingly supernaturally. There we meet our cult members and the allure and seduction continue. Everyone in this building is a threat to Olivia as all seem to want rough sex with Zane. Wes is all too happy to have his boyhood friend back. Back? Yep, Zane and Wes grew up in this building...a surprise to the ever threatened Olivia. Oh yes...Lex and Amanda. If you thought you needed a shower after Ms. Merchak introduced you to'll see. The sex is steamy and graphic, heterosexual and homosexual. The sex draws Zane deeper and deeper into the influence of the cult, but what do they have planned for him? Then the murder...a sacrificial right or passionate sex gone wrong? You'll see. As the eroticism builds, Olivia's well being comes into question.
As the blood flows and orgasms intensify, Zane is headed on a collision course with a destiny dripping with blood and some sort of pagan or satanic fate. The fates of Olivia and Zane will be shocking and have you eager to turn the page. Beware, these two mortals are part of something much greater than human existence and Andrea Merchak spells it out in a erotic horror story that moves fast, has spurting blood, steamy sex, and a very ambitious reveal. For some graphic horror that will arouse your fluids, order Crowley's Cult from Amazon by clicking this link.


  1. Wow! It's an honor having you reviewing my book. Thank you, Chris! You are the best! I'm glad you enjoyed and as usual wrote a terrific review that will make readers know exactly what they will find, and want it ;) Did I mention I love it?

  2. A fine review, it reads like a B grade movie, I'm hoping there are some good bikini and shower scenes.