Saturday, July 25, 2020

Vampegeddon, Lesbian Goth Turned by Vampire

Goths don't fare well in horror films. Perhaps the misogynistic movie makers prefer satin-lace lingerie to black lipstick and black work boots. Throw lesbianism into a Goth equation and a centuries old vampire, one may speculate what the Lesbian Goth will be turned into. Ask no more, this is answered in 2010's "Vampegeddon," directed by Jeffrey Alan Miller.
In the 19th century European vampires are chased out of Europe. Lord Giovanni (Shane Dean) leads the bloodsuckers to the Arizona desert. English vampire hunter, Longshank (Patrick Vaillancourt) follows and kills Giovanni and his minions, but meets his demise in the process. Present day, lesbian Goth Melissa (Katherine Von Forelle) is sick of her life. She assembles her Goth buddies to partake in a rite to resurrect the vampires. Liz (Jacqueline Smith) is hesitant but Mona (Sugar Cox), Kent (Jimmy Flowers), and Ted (Josh Bingenheimer) are eager. At first the rite fails.Then Melissa finds an ancient and evil book from a weird garage sale. Now Melissa knows what to do.
Back to the desert, at the site of some massacre, and the proper rite is administered. It works. Now our lesbian Melissa has tuned in her black undies for lacy red and see through lingerie. Giovanni possesses them and we get an alluring orgy scene with our three Goth ladies and Giovanni. Also resurrected is Longshank...who has taken hold of Liz. Now Liz is charged with killing Giovanni and anyone else who may be turned into a vampire. A desert battle ensues as Giovanni administers a very erotic rite to his new love, the now not-so-lesbian Melissa. Nudity and spurting blood will dominate the second half of this film as a 200 year old feud will continue.
Since Liz is possessed by a guy vampire hunter, will Melissa seduce and have pre-marital sex with him...or her? Does the Goth community have any prayer of defeating the clan of resurrected vampires? Are nudity and spurting blood par for the course when mixing Goths, lesbians, and vampires? Nudity and gore abound in this low budget epic. For a good time, watch this sexploitation/horror film, "Vampegeddon." 

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  1. Wow, lesbianism... my kind of vampire movie and a low budget, it must be good.