Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Daughters of Darkness, Lesbian Vampires Being Naughty

What an ending! Pure poetry! You'll see. The great Countess Elizabeth Bathory, tormentor of beautiful virgins! To be more specific, torturer and consumer of beautiful virgins. When Oil of Olay stops working, virgin blood from nubile babes is needed. Hey, we all have our hang-ups, and when you are a sultry woman (albeit, a vampire), polite company tends to look the other way. Today we discuss 1971's "Daughters of Darkness," shot in Belgium and directed by Harry Kumel.
Our story begins with some rough sex (very rough). Newlyweds Stefan (John Karlen) and Valerie (Danielle Ouimet). The duo have their sex in a vicious manner, he pummels and whips her, and she bruises and submits. Now the duo is stuck at a six star hotel, practically deserted in the off season. Uh oh...the Countess Elizabeth Bathory (Delphine Seyrig) with her nubile vampire sex-toy Ilona (Andrea Rau) arrive. Not coincidentally, babes in Belgium start dying after losing all their blood. Uh oh again, Countess Bathory falls in love with Valerie. Ilona gets jealous, but is powerless to voice any opposition to her mistress.
Elizabeth begins her seduction and sets Ilona on Stefan. This will lead to one of the greatest "Wait! I can explain" moments in film history as Valerie catches the nude Stefan mounting Ilona's nude corpse in the shower. Now Valerie is drawn to her new friend, the mysterious countess. The eroticism explodes as between the four of our characters, everyone has weird sex with each other. Uh oh...danger looms for the countess as a mysterious guest arrives. Uh oh again, Stefan's mom is some weird guy with family secrets...really, you'll see. Don't fret, none of the plot devices will keep anyone's clothes on or tame some really deviant sex.
Are Ilona and Stefan being set up to be schmucks in a twisted and erotic vampire plan? Can the still human Valerie mount any defenses to repel the erotic and blood desires of a centuries old vampire countess? Will Elizabeth's lust for the newlywed Valerie cause her to put her hormones before her wisdom of the centuries? Erotic and bloody...sexploitation or Euro-Trash...whichever term you use, see "Daughters of Darkness" to satisfy your prurient taste in film.

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  1. oh man, the enthusiasm for this movie is dripping moist wet!!!