Sunday, July 5, 2020

Tunnel Vision, Sultry Cop vs.Sex Maniac

Patsy Kensit as a 'Dirty Harry' type homicide detective? Does it work? Yes...and much better than that twerp Dennis Weaver as "McCloud" or that idiot who plays "Monk." In this erotic sex thriller, our babe plays a Brisbane, Australia cop in search of a killer who wold like to tie her up, strip her, whip her, and gut her. The aforementioned losers never portrayed anything like that. Of course, in Brisbane, the suspects will be half the population (male and female). Today we look at Clive Fleury's 1995's masterpiece, "Tunnel Vision."
A psycho abducts Australian babes, poses them in S&M poses and murders them. Two detectives, Kelly (Kensit) and Frank (Robert Reynolds) are on the case.The killings continue and we see BDSM babe Rachel (Vanessa Steele) get abducted...and eventually killed. The bodies are always found nude and in erotic poses. Uh oh, a weird artist paints babes in various S&M poses and he is having exhibitions all over Brisbane. Guess what! Frank just married the beautiful Helena (Rebecca Rigg). She is big in art promotion and might be having an affair with a twerp. Helena just happens to be Kelly's best friend.
Kelly and Frank find out all the victims were heavy into the S&M scene (as is everyone in Brisbane). Suspects are found who knew all the victims. We also get to see Kelly sweat a lot...and Helena, too. Now the evidence seems to be clear, Helena is cheating on Frank. Oh yes, Kelly might be taking advantage of this to move in on Frank. Uh oh again, when Helena's lover is found murdered, an arrest warrant is issued for Frank. Now Kelly must hurry and find the sex killer as well as the real killer of Frank's nemesis.  Oh yes, in addition to the salacious sexual suggestion of the plot, Kelly, Frank, and Helena will ooze with three way sexual tension which will eventually explode.
Can Kelly clear Frank's name before she is abducted, tied up, whipped and killed? Is the artistic nature of our sex-psycho suggesting that Helena knows the killer...or is the killer? Did Brisbane's flourishing S&M scene suffer any after this film came out? This is a neat crime/thriller and Patsy Kensit is so alluring throughout. The ending is a twist and a half and you'll wish a TV show was made with Patsy Kensit as the detective instead of dweebs like Dennis Weaver and Tony Shalhoub. See "Tunnel Vision," and enjoy a good crime thriller with heavy perverted sexual undertones.

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  1. It has hints of the Ghosts of Brisbane, but your vision is much better.