Monday, July 27, 2020

The Puppet, Dating Psychos and Bloody Carnage

Why date a psycho? Usually the answer is they can be really attractive. Even babe psychos have shelf lives. Sure, its fun for a while....maybe even a week or two. Any guy knows, eventually, crazy women can get unattractive fast. Maybe they have weird and daring pre-marital sex moves, sure, but eventually the blood will spurt and regret will seep into the relationship. Today we look at a 2013 film from South Korea, "The Puppet."
Ji-Hoon (Jong-su Lee) is a hunk psychiatrist. He uses hypnotism to cure patients. His buddy Joon-Ki (Won Ki-Jun) is dating a sultry psycho, Hyeon-Jin (Ji-sung Koo). Joon-Ki belives Hyeon-Jin's only problem is insomnia...wrong! Ji-Hoon diagnoses Hyeon-Jin as suffering from Dual Identity Disorder (complete psycho). We don't call Hyeon-Jin a complete psycho because she is real pretty. Nevertheless, Ji-Hoon hypnotizes Hyeon-Jin and finds out she is a homicidal psycho who kills boyfriends the moment they find out she is psycho and try to leave. Ji-Hoon is lonely and is captivated by the beauty so he hypnotizes her to be his love slave.
Uh oh...Hyeon-Jin's alternate personality...the homicidal watching closely. No worries, Jin-Hoon hypnotizes Hyeon-Jin to lose her evil side and be a doting nymphomaniac lover. How do you think this goes? Ji-Hoon is a real jerk (all men are pigs) and tires of his sultry drone lover. He then finds a young babe, Yuri (So Young Han). She's beautiful and loves Ji-Hoon without being hypnotized. Uh oh again, the homicidal side of Hyeon-Jin isn't gone...and the ensuing bloodshed will prove this. As tons of deviant and sweaty sex fill the second half of this film, so does blood and gore.
Can Ji-Hoon ever be rid of his patient, the sultry but psycho Hyeon-Jin? Will a blood soaked and naked cat-fight ensue between Hyeon-Jin and the new babe, Yuri? Is it fitting that men who are deviant pigs end up with psycho babes? This is an erotic and vicious tale of deviance and madness. For some neat and blood soaked Asian horror, see "The Puppet."

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  1. This is ripped off from your pulp fiction, i really get it.