Thursday, July 9, 2020

Ballet of Blood, Gratuitous Ballerina Carnage

Sultry ballerinas in tight leotards. Sultry ballerinas in lesbian love scenes. Sultry ballerinas mowed down by machine guns. Sultry ballerinas in gratuitous cat-fights. Sultry ballerinas frolicking at lingerie parties. Sultry ballerinas having their eyes gouged out. Sultry ballerinas disemboweled. A deep Shakespearean tragic/comedy, or a gratuitous and orgasmic attempt at a Giallo-type film? You can decide when you watch  2015's Jared Masters' "Ballet of Blood."
Plot...a description of it would not serve you well...but I'll try. Sultry and naked ballerina Nisa (Sydney Ray) interrupts a ballet rehearsal by trying to massacre the entire troupe with an Uzi. The gun jams. Her best buddy, the beautiful Ria (Jesse Aaron) is sent to an insane asylum and blamed for the near carnage. Ria escapes by killing the warden and becomes a murderer. Now Ria seeks Nisa who is a fugitive. The shocked ballet troupe continues to rehearse unaware that they will all be butchered and skewered soon...but by who...and why?
Two sister ballerinas Maren (Marla Martinez) and Saren (Rubi Garcia) may hold the answers. Saren plays with a Ouija Board and conjures up slutty spirits while Maren writes a young adult crime thriller. Oh yeah, the carnage in Maren's writings becomes real. This spells trouble for the ballerinas as she is writing about the massacre of her troupe, and the sordid lesbian sex and heroine addictions that permeate the clan. Surreal lingerie parties and bloody puppet shows help advance the story. I won't even mention the two ballerinas having bloody lesbian sex as they are riddled with Uzi probably don't want to hear about that, anyway.
What is the ending to Maren's story? Will Nisa and Ria reunite to massacre the troupe, or to have passionate lesbian sex, or engage in a cat-fight to the death? Is the gore, lesbian sex, and disembowelment an attempt to revive Giallo-horror here in the U.S.A.? Take this film for what its worth, but I'm guessing most of you will try to find it. For a tickling of your prurient interests, enjoy "Ballet of Blood."

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  1. Oh man, kinky shit, i need to develop this in my next story!!