Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Tenant Who Lived Downstairs, Insaniac in the House

Billed as a comedy, 2017's "The Tenant Who Lived Downstairs" may be a whole lot more. In an era where being judgmental may be the vilest of sins, those of you who will seek roommates soon, even at college, may learn a few lessons from this eight minute short. That weird look in the eye, after all, may merely be a look of content in some lesser known cultures. That blood soaking his shirt may merely be spilled nail polish, yeah that's it. We shouldn't always assume the worst in people. After all, even Jack the Ripper deserves a fair shake.
Joel (Joel Wetterstein) has saved the day. He has found a roommate. Ryan (Ryan Carl Rowley, also the writer and director) moves into the apartment and looks at the other roomie, Matt (Matthew Bridges), as a doberman views a lamb chop. Joel misses all the nonverbal cues, which may be a fatal mistake. Forgive me for being judgmental, but Ryan has that look in his eyes. The look of a psychopath. Matt is spooked, but Joel is happy that Ryan will be able to contribute to the monthly rent payment.  Priorities! A Sherlock Holmes once told Dr. Watson, ..."you see but you do not observe." Hey, if the rent gets paid, its all good! Unless you wake up in several pieces (which is a fetish for some Japanese businessmen I'm told) .
This short runs eight minutes, so no spoilers here. Perhaps a comedy, but some good life lessons can be gleaned for all you young people out there.  The acting is first class, Mr. Bridges as the frightened, Mr. Wetterstein as the denier,  and Mr. Rowley as the psycho (...there I go, being judgmental again) all play their parts to perfection. For eight minutes of comedy and horror...and some poignant lessons on the importance of nonverbal communication, see "The Tenant Who Lived Downstairs."
To view this short film, click on this link Frank in the Cage

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