Saturday, June 16, 2018

Bleading Lady, Scream Queen vs. Psycho

Fans of Jason Statham and his 'Transporter" films will not want to miss today's film, 2010's "Bleading Lady." Okay, so the films have very little in common, but for gratuitous gore and nudity and a sultry damsel in much distress, this is the film for you. Fans of slasher films have always been interested in the actresses who play the scream-queens, and unfortunately for the scream-queen in this film, one of her fans takes an intense interest in her. Rape, torture and humiliation may be the goal of our psycho, but scream-queens have fight, and we'll see it in this one.
Don (Dan Ellis) is a professional driver. As our story begins, two hunks and two babes he is transporting annoy him and he cuts them to pieces with a machete. They were annoying, so we don't hold this indiscretion against him. His next job is to transport the world's most famous scream-queen, from a lodge to the movie set every day. Riversa Red (Sindy Faraguna). Riversa has starred in over 100 straight to DVD slasher films including "Thong Massacre" and "Floss of Death" (I gotta find those DVDs). Don is obsessed and sees himself as her protector. Uh oh, Riversa has a stalker. Don hates Luke (Nathan Durec), the director, and now sets out on a mission kill and save Riversa from the amateurish film she is making...or something like that.
As the film is shot, and it is a good one, we see bodies cut up (in the film within the film) and actresses in gratuitous nude scenes. Sienna (Erindera Farga) is a scream-queen wannabe, and Don is not about to let her replace Riversa in the circuit. Don proceeds to intercept Riversa's boyfriend and decapitate him.  More homicide and then Don enacts his master plan. He will hijack the film and torment the entire cast and crew. Sienna, Luke, and many others will meet horrific fates which include castration, stabbing, and being buried alive. As Riversa sees the carnage unfold, she sees the humiliation and torture heading her way. Now she must fight the ultimate slasher, but this one in real life.
What does Don have planned for Riversa?  Can Riversa use any of the moves from her role in "Thong Massacre" to repel the evil psycho?  With the demise of the sultry Sienna, did Don actually do Riversa a favor, that is if she survives?  Oh yes...twists will abound in the final 15 minutes and Riversa's peril will be more horrific than described above. Gratuitous gore and nudity are piled high and the actors and actresses do a fine job. Written and directed by Ryan Nicholson, "Bleading Lady" (aka "Star Vehicle") is a far superior film than 2011's "Drive" with Ryan Gosling.


  1. A slasher within a slasher and the motivations for the slashes, very revealing insight into a genre that prominently features on this blog!

  2. Sign me up, 80's style slasher flick. Great review!