Thursday, June 28, 2018

Curtains, Actresses Sliced and Diced

You're a beautiful young lady desiring to make it in the movies. What would you do? Would you die for that opportunity?  Would you sleep with Harvey Weinstein? Yuck, disgusting...who would do that? Better yet, would you kill for the chance to star? If you would kill, who would you kill? That's an easy one...all the other nubile actresses trying out for the same role. Would you use a knife? Gun? Sickle? Flame-thrower? Today we have a slasher classic from 1983..."Curtains."
Samantha (Samantha Eggar) believes famous director Jonathan Stryker (John Vernon) is about to cast her in his next great film. Jokes on her...she's over 40, so naturally he does what any man would do, commits her to an insane asylum. Samantha won't take this well, and she'll get really angry when Stryker invites six beauties to his country estate for a casting call for the role she believes is hers. Samantha (no longer nubile, and over 40) escapes, which will probably have bloody consequences in this plot. The carnage starts immediately after the escape. Just after passionate, role playing pre-marital sex, the sultry Amanda (Deborah Burgess) is gutted in her apartment, hence she won't make the casting call. The other five actresses arrive and so does our escaped lunatic, albeit...middle-aged lunatic.
Then there is the classic 1980s slasher scene in which Christie (Lesleh Donaldson)  gets it. You remember the scene. After pre-marital sex with Stryker, Christie dons her ice skates and heads to a frozen pond to practice. This is where a masked, sickle-wielding maniac decapitates her. Her head will next be seen in Brooke's (Linda Thorson) toilet. This will shake up the nubile Brooke, who also wants the role, that she will then have pre-marital sex with Stryker...can you guess her fate? As the actresses decrease in number and are turned into leaking or decapitated corpses, Samantha, who is over 40, continues to make a play for the coveted role.
Is the insane asylum escapee (who is over 40) Samantha the killer, or is that too easy? How about one of the nubile, and well under 40 years of age, actresses? Could one of them also be a maniac? Is Stryker's mansion big enough for two psycho-maniacs?  Did Harvey Weinstein model himself after Stryker? "Curtains" is classic 1980s slasher and contains some nice and ominous kills. Unfortunately for many of the beauties in this film, they will in fact die for the role, but can you guess who the 'final girl' will be?

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  1. Audition by elimination, has really nice visuals, the ice skating cuts deep, wonder if Harvey ever watched this film, rape and pillage in Hollywood, is it worth it?