Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Apex-Predator, Bigfoot Shreds Hunks and Babes

Tara Kleinpeter is the beautiful Sharon in 2012's "Apex-Predator" (aka "Night Claws"). The buxom survivalist (who wears her shorts well) is tough and will take no abuse from any man. She even shuts down two weapon-wielding macho-men in her camp, as she leads tourists through the wilderness teaching survival techniques. Don't let her sultry looks betray you, she'll take you down and hog tie you the first time you try to take advantage of her. Sadly, Bigfoot will carry her off and eat her an instant after she puts down a macho-man. So unceremonious of a demise for this very strong female character. Alas, perhaps she should have stuck to scrap-booking. Surprise and shock rule "Apex-Predator," as no character is above being torn apart by our Sasquatch friend.
Two naked teenagers (Chelsea Rowland and Garrett Hines) engage in pre-marital sex in the woods. Yeah, like this will go well! Along comes Bigfoot and the two teens are now in several pieces, no longer amorous. Sheriff Kelly (Reb Brown) and his sultry (there's that word again!) deputy, Roberta (Sherrie Rose), figure they have a psycho-maniac on the loose. But wait. The sultry cryptozoologist, Sarah (Leilani Sarelle) sent by the president, informs them Sasquatch is the culprit. Roberta gives Sarah, adorned in a tight blouse, tight jeans, and alluring boots, the evil-eye, but the Sheriff allows her to tag along. With a monster on the loose, the aforementioned Sharon takes two bickering couples into the woods. Also headed into the woods is a psycho Bigfoot hunter (David Campbell) and his henchmen.
Bigfoot continues his quest to rid the world of nymphomaniac teens. As teens get naked and then pureed, Bigfoot also sets his sights on Sharon and her party. This survivalist party will not fare well. Though Sharon's death will be quick, and in mid-sentence, Cindy (Alissa Koenig) will endure torture and humiliation at the hands of her sadistic husband, the demented hunters, and sad. Of course, the sheriff and Sarah, and the jealous Roberta lead a posse into the woods to search for the killer.  But wait!  Is the killer a Bigfoot...or something more human? You'll see.
With all the naked, nubile babes in the woods, may Bigfoot have another use for them other than to fertilize the ground?  How about Cindy? Her good looks suggest that she will be ravaged and torn apart by Bigfoot, but may she actually survive?  Is Bigfoot the real danger to the sheriff and his posse, or may there be something else going on? Here's one more, will Roberta and Sarah engage in a knock-down, drag-out cat-fight?  Surprises await and sadly, don't get too attached to any character, as no one here is too good to die. For some Bigfoot fun, see "Apex-Predator," directed by David A. Prior.


  1. It's a big Who Done it, and it might not even be Big Foot, who compared to those roaming and frolicking in the forest, seems passive in comparison and the less unhinged. The sexy ones always die early, shame, but where one goes, others follow. Great review

  2. OMFG a bigfoot flick by David A Prior?! As in the dude who gave us the awesomely craptastic Deadly Prey (1987)?? I am so there for this one, great review Christopher & thanks a bunch for the heads up.