Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Flight of the Living Dead, Zombies on a Plane

Sultry stewardesses fighting evil is a plot device that has always done well on this blog.  Ursula Andress in Loaded Guns or Jamie Chung in Flight 7500 or Mercedes Mason in Quarantine 2 or my favorite Heidi Lenhart in Crocodile 2: Death Swamp have all left us agape with their beauty as they dealt with unruly passengers, ghosts, infected, or monster reptiles.  Alas, not all of these beauties have fared sad.  Perhaps in today's feature, 2007's "Flight of the Living Dead" our high flying heroines will prevail against a plane full of zombies.  By the way, to see my reviews on the above noted films, just click on the above links.
Pretty Emily about to become a monster
A secret military weapon...a virus which animates dead soldiers so they come back to life and keep fighting.  Brilliant.  Not quite ready for the battlefield, but the virus ends up on Concord Air Flight 239.  Never good when your flight to Paris has secret cargo guarded by a guy in a containment suit carrying a machine-gun.  Turbulence strikes and the virus, inside a zombie gets loose and the fun begins.  Megan (Kristen Kerr) is a beautiful stewardess, who with Truman (David Chisum), a cop, and his prisoner Frank (Kevin J. O'Connor) will engage in an all-out war against the undead at 35,000 feet.  The ever increasing undead will go through the remaining passengers and crew like crap through a goose.
Gratuitous bathroom scene
In a very sad scene, the sultry stewardess Emily (Heidi Marnhout) will be half eaten by a passenger and turned into a maniacally lethal zombie.  As zombies come through the floors, walls, toilets, and air vents the victims will include skanks and hunks looking for pre-marital sex, a nun, more stewardesses, and pilots.  As Emily, now a monster, and most of the passengers converge on Megan and her two friends, another problem exists.  Realizing that the stolen virus is loose on the flight, the Pentagon orders Flight 239 shot down.  With a fighter jet pursuing them, our survivors must kill all the undead (is that a double negative?) and signal the jet-pilot to abort his  mission.
Megan at war
Will the pretty Megan be able to stay pretty, or will she suffer the fate or her stewardess colleagues? Will this be the end of the new secret virus weapon?  This is an action-packed horror film that has some truly amazing scenes (you won't believe how a zombie can take out a jet fighter at 30,000 feet). Directed by Scott Thomas, "Flight of the Living Dead" (aka "Plane Dead") is a lot of fun.  For those of you tiring of the seriousness of "The Walking Dead," this film is for you.  


  1. So this week I find the dvd cheap on ebay :D Probably be here by the weekend.

  2. 'The ever increasing undead will go through the remaining passengers and crew like crap through a goose.' I would love to watch a goose crap!