Monday, November 21, 2016

Blue Monkey, Monster vs. Hospital

Okay, it ain't blue, and it ain't a monkey.  Take heart, because it is infinitely creepier than a smurf/simian.  So why call this 1987 film "Blue Monkey"?  Don't ask.  What is important is that we have a giant bug thing, beautiful damsels in much peril, a grouchy cop trying to save the damsels, an abandoned insane asylum, and a big laser gun.  Okay...a bit choppy perhaps, but these ingredients are mixed to produce an effective horror work containing some images that will stay with you.
An elderly man is brought to a small, run down hospital with plague like symptoms.  Also arriving at this hospital is Detective Bishop (Steve Railsback), accompanying his partner who has just been shot.  The beautiful Dr. Glass (Susan Anspach) treats the sick man and soon finds several patients manifesting the plague symptoms.  Uh oh, a worm like creature comes out of the man's mouth and the fun begins.  Det. Bishop falls in love with the lovely Dr. Carson (Gwynyth Walsh).  Oh yeah, how many run down hospitals do you know that are equipped with miles of underground tunnels and a laser capable of blowing Neptune out of the night sky (no doubt a bi-product of the Reagan Administration's SDI spending)?  This is such a hospital.
Remember that little worm?  It is accidentally fed and grows into a giant ant-like creature.  Our monster abducts the lovely lab technician Alice (Cynthia Belliveau) and her guy as they engage in pre-marital sex.  Their fate?  You'll see, but it is one worse than death.  As the thing continues to grow, it readies itself to lay thousands of eggs.  Dr. Carson and Det. Bishop try to hunt it down and come up with a strategy to kill it.  The beautiful Dr. Glass is charged with studying this new plague and finding a cure.  Oh yes, the military has instituted a Code 4 Quarantine for the hospital and will nuke it in two hours.
Will our good, but grouchy, detective and the two lovely doctors end this horror in time to save County Memorial from being blown to ashes?  What does the monster have planned for that sultry lab tech and her beau?  How about this laser?  Can it destroy anything besides planets and death-stars?  Very slimy and unsettling, "Blue Monkey" is a terrific monster movie from the 1980s.  If bugs give you the this one with a big can of Raid. One last note: It is unclear if President Obama's Affordable Care Act would have prevented County Memorial Hospital from having a super-laser in their budget.

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