Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Border Patrol, Gotta keep them out!

They're coming!  No, not the refugees or disenfranchised citizens of a bordering nation.  Exactly who they are is never made totally clear in 2016's "Border Patrol."  This short film tackles deeper issues than who we are keeping out, or what the wall is there for.  Yeah, there is a wall guarded by a border patrol unit here, but in this short film, the border may have already been crossed, and not the geographic one.
The invaders are an ominous sort, and to many of us...we'll see them as monstrous.  No spoilers here, but it is obvious our border patrol agents (Kyle Turner and Stan Alto) are desperately trying to preserve something.  Armed with sniper rifles and desire, the oncoming horde seems no match for our marksmen.  Following today's news it is easy to view a border as a line separating two countries. Director Dee McCullay (who did the screenplay for the story written by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc) may have something else in mind.  Perhaps a border in our own psyche.  In other words, a wall inside our own minds which separates our humanity from being the monster that stirs deep in our subconscious.
This short poses some uncomfortable questions most of us will never have to answer.  Beautifully shot in the wilds of Ontario, "Border Patrol" will leave you with an uneasy sense of who we can become if all that we love and know evaporates into an apocalyptic nightmare. To view "Border Patrol," click on this link Border Patrol .

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